Android App for Market Research and Analytics Case Study

The Client

Market Pulse is a fast growing marketing research and analytics company. The company is privately held, with headquarters in Delhi, India.

Market Pulse has deep research expertise. Their suite of proprietary research techniques delivers accurate and incisive market insights.

The Challenge

Market Pulse India wanted to create an Android application that their employees could use to fill out audit forms at different retail establishments and synchronize the data with a backend. The app would save them time by not having to wait for paper forms to be mailed or scanned and improve data quality by having just one data capturing point in their process.

The app was to have GPS location and time stamping in order to know at where and when the forms were completed. Each question would be different with different logic as well as different inputs such as photos, multiple choice questions and growing text boxes to name a few. Once the forms were submitted, they had to be saved to a backend for future use and analysis.

Key Challenges

– The application had to work in an offline mode, but still save location and time when the form was filled out.

0 The questions were designed to be shown in paper. Optimus had to work with the client in order to redesign the questions to make sense in a mobile context.

– No backend was present. Optimus had to create a lightweight backend to fulfill the clients needs.

How Optimus Helped

Optimus met with the client to get a clear understanding of the project.

Then we spent time reformatting the questions to make sense in a mobile context while still meeting the client’s needs.

Once this redesign was completed, we continued to work with the client in order to understand the logic for each question and document it using Balsamiq. Some of the of the requirements revealed through this stage included questions that needed to be answered ahead of other questions and that a section needed to be completed before continuing to the next section.

During the development stage, we had to be very careful to remember that the app would have to function in offline mode while still being as accurate as possible about documenting the time and place the forms were completed.

At the same time we were developing the mobile application, we were also creating a lightweight backend. This allowed us to test the application and infrastructure at every point during the development.

In the end, Optimus delivered an application that streamlined business processes while improving data quality resulting in improved productivity at Market Pulse.