Benefits of Cloud Computing

Benefits of Cloud Computing: Where are the Opportunities

data_center-200x300 Benefits of Cloud Computing: Where are the Opportunities

Enterprise data centers moving to the cloud

What are the benefits of cloud computing?

The cloud is a fast-emerging segment that has companies of all sizes measuring the benefits of cloud computing. Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and now Apple are battling for market dominance in the field of cloud computing.

The big players are offering services ranging from software-as-a-service (ie: hosted email), to platform-as-a-service (ie: virtual desktops), to storage and computing as a service. Companies large and small can use these services on a pay-per-use model to access flexible, scalable, and powerful data centers.

Is outsourcing your cloud management beneficial?

Outsourcing is gaining in popularity as companies move towards storing their data on secured public or private infrastructure. Tech behemoths such as Amazon are vying for market share against their competitors, deploying faster networking servers that are available on demand. Scalability and ease of deployment are key reasons why enterprise software is well suited for the cloud.

The end customers today will enjoy the several benefits of cloud computing due to the big market players making sizable investments in their unique product offerings.

  • Apple’s iCloud promises consumers seamless integration services across all your applications.
  • Microsoft has launched its Azure platform backed by a significant investment in web infrastructure and thousands of servers.
  • Google’s App Engine resides on Google’s own infrastructure and delivers more than 250 million page views each day.
  • Amazon Web Services are constantly evolving and being enhanced to include database, auto-scaling, and monitoring.

Each player can benefit from different revenue streams from the cloud computing boom. This includes monetizing their infrastructure and attracting new developers. The cloud wars have led to rapid reductions in the price of utilizing the cloud infrastructure.

The cloud wars have benefited companies seeking to trim their internal IT expense by moving their data on the cloud. Furthermore, they have also led to the emergence of small, focused, quality-oriented outsourcing companies such as Optimus. Hence,, these companies can offer services in their cloud infrastructure at a lower cost than larger, more established peers, such as Accenture. Optimus focuses on providing excellent, tailored services to all its customers, which comprises large as well as smaller companies.

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