Reasons to Outsource

4 Common Misleading Beliefs about Outsourcing

Many people can find outsourcing topics misleading, as many folks do not have all of the facts or they are only looking at an industry that stands out and is giving the rest of the outsourcing crowd a bad name. We will go over a few points that will show you that many of the outsourcing techniques employed today use good practices and actually make sense for business and the economy.

Outsourcing--300x181 4 Common Misleading Beliefs about Outsourcing

FALSE: Outsourcing takes jobs away from Americans

Not all outsourcing projects are outsourced to other countries. Outsourcing simply means bypassing the in-house hiring process and hiring an individual or a business that does not work in your office.

FALSE: Outsourcing takes away employment from less skilled American workers

With the American economy the way it currently is, many Americans have been out of work and are willing to train to learn new skills then work from home at a very competitive rate. Again, jobs and money remain in America which include instructors required to train these new outsourced employees keeping people employed in America. This is a popular option many are taking rather than moving to a minimum wage position.

FALSE: Outsourcing hurts small businesses

Small business accounts for the majority of job creation in America and what we are seeing is “out with the old and in with the new”. Those small businesses that can no longer keep up with modern technology will be replaced by new businesses who started as an outsourced employee working from their living room and developed a successful business due to competitive rates and quick turn around. These newly developed businesses often employ like minded young people willing to work hard and spend their money on their new families keeping money in America with mortgages, car payments, raising children, etc…

FALSE: Outsourcing only leaves minimum wage jobs for the rest of us

Companies are waking up and have realized that they have been duped into paying someone $100,000 a year to type a few lines of code. This is when the layoffs start and instead of asking you to take a pay cut of $50,000 a year then advertising that position with a wage that would historically pay top dollar for nowhere near the industry standard, they have no choice but to outsource. Many of these employees who are now out of work are not willing to work for less than $100k. Times are changing and you need to change with the times. This often means working for less than what you are used to working for.

As you can see, not all outsourcing fears are valid, and many beliefs are simply not true. Outsourcing has been a touchy subject for many but when we take a few steps back we realize that we are all just looking to save a few bucks.