5 Reasons Why Mobile Strategy Fails

Mobile marketing cannot simply consist of building an app and watching it being downloaded. There has to be a concrete mobile strategy to oversee your moves and plan for scenarios. Of course, there is good strategy and there is bad. Here, we look at some of the bad, and try to learn from those mistakes.

In fact, mobile strategy planning should come before the app, with the app being a part of the whole scenario. A concrete strategy even goes a long way in bettering the app itself, since it essentially is a plan for a relationship between the app and its customers. But mobile strategies fail. Sometimes, failure is due to a factor previously unaccounted for, and that is natural. With constantly changing market and user requirements, trends, business and government policies, there is never one best strategy. What one can do, is not make the same mistakes that were made in the past. So, lets look at some so called bad strategies and why they end up breaking down:

Not Understanding the Intended Customer

Every app is unique, and it is built to serve unique customer needs. And though your app may be perfect to fulfill your customer’s needs, if you don’t tailor it according to their life, the strategy is subject to fail. For example, building an app that replicates desktop functionality for stock brokers was a great idea. But it didn’t work because a typical trader, after spending 14 hours a day working on multiple desktop screens, doesn’t really want to come back home and stare at the same format on his iPad. The key here is that even though the idea was great, the company never thought about product substitution by understanding the lifestyle of the consumer. The solution was to take inspiration from televisions ‘second screen’ approach and provide functions like news feed, entertainment and sms coupled with the initial format.

Lack of Mobile Metrics

Unlike the web, mobile technology has less resources to track metrics. This means that on some level, typical lack of data leads to the generation of inaccurate ROI. Thus, most firms just pick up traditional KPIs and apply them to mobile specific analysis. The key is to spend the extra mile on metric generation – not just download amount and duration. One of the most powerful mobile metrics that can be generated is location. Where your app is being installed the most is an incredible way to judge the consumer diaspora and build up on it.

Purchasing Stock Applications

You can go out and buy stock application code for your mobile app. But if you are catering to a niche crowd with unique requirements, you need to go the extra mile and spend on building a custom application. Else, your app will be one of the tens of thousands of normal, mundane apps based on the same structures without providing anything new. In a world full of shrink-to-fit mobile applications, you need to be unique.

Choosing the Right Platform

Choosing the right platform is such an important decision in mobile strategy that it can make or break your app. You can obtain the first mover advantage by choosing a platform in which your app is unexplored. Going multi platform is also a good option, to embark on a greater market share. Releasing your product in a new platform after it has created some noise in the first one is also a good strategic decision. Timing is an important factor here, and multiple platforms means that you have multiple sub-markets for your products.

Forced Gamification

It often happens that one successful strategy breeds so many copycats that it gets saturated, turning into a bad strategy. This might have happened with gamification. Interactive gaming apps that served an ulterior motive were a good strategy – everyone loves mobile games. There is no dearth for it. But forcibly pushing your app for another one of thousands of established games on the app stores is a no no. Lesson – try not to be a strategy copycat.

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