Analyzing Performance Test Data Presentation

IMG_0001-300x212 Analyzing Performance Test Data Presentation

Here is Anand Deb of Optimus Information Inc giving a brief overview of Optimus at VanQ ( before the featured speaker took the podium.

Carles Roch-Cunill, Test Lead for System Performance at McKesson Medical Imaging Group, shared his expertise in Analyzing Performance Test Data.

Carles emphasized the importance of using the scientific method when conducting performance testing and gave examples from his work testing x-rays, CT scans, and other medical devices. He explained that performance testing should not be pass or fail, instead it should add value to software by identifying precisely where bottlenecks exist.

Optimus is pleased to sponsor VanQ events. VanQ consistently brings in excellent speakers and provides a forum for networking with industry professionals.

To learn how Optimus can help you improve the quality of your software through performance testing, send us an email at or visit OptimusQA.

The 40 minute presentation is no longer available.

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