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Optimus Information in the Community

At Optimus Information, we are passionate about technology and innovation. We are excited about the opportunities technology can create both across borders, oceans and in our own backyard. There are many initiatives in Vancouver and India that create opportunities for learning and innovating. Here are some of the organizations that Optimus supports on a regular […]

Do and Don’ts When Creating a Mobile Website For Your Restaurant

We’re just wrapping up a project for a restaurant chain and I wanted to share a few good practices and lessons learned. For this project we wanted to leverage their existing content and content management system (WordPress) as much as possible. We also weren’t going to redesign their existing site to be responsive, instead design […]

Optimus Information Breakfast Event: Mobile Development Outsourcing Presentation

Thursday, November 27, 2014 Optimus Information Breakfast Series Mobile Development Outsourcing: Do’s & Don’ts This breakfast event will bring together high-level IT and marketing professionals. After breakfast and a chance to network with your peers, Rod Hsu, Chief Experience Officer, from nTrust will present on his experience working with multiple outsourcing vendors. Whether an organization has a “mobile first“ philosophy or is still […]

Mobile Test Automation: Tools & Techniques

The mobile device ecosystem has exploded over the past few years and, with new devices entering the market every week, it shows no signs of slowing down. Because of this growth, it has become increasingly difficult to target specific devices as well as provide adequate test coverage for both new and existing platforms. By taking a […]

4 Common Misleading Beliefs about Outsourcing

Many people can find outsourcing topics misleading, as many folks do not have all of the facts or they are only looking at an industry that stands out and is giving the rest of the outsourcing crowd a bad name. We will go over a few points that will show you that many of the […]

VanQ Meetup: The Telus Story of Transition to Agile

VanQ recently came together to hear Telus’ Hugo Sampaio talk about the transformation the company went through while transitioning from the classic waterfall to the agile method of testing and development. Some Key Takeaways Agile means different things to different people, and because of this lack of structured definition, it is difficult to implement. Often […]

5 Open Source Tools for Software Testing

Software testing using open source tools can be a valuable option if used smartly. One can harness the power of the open source while relying on the security of a vendor based tool by prudently assigning tasks. Open source can be viewed as perfect online socialism – everyone working for the greater good of the […]

5 Reasons Why Software Maintenance is a Must

Vendors often try to push for maintenance contracts along with software development, and you might be unsure whether to go ahead and sign up for them. Here is where we tell you why software maintenance is important. In fact, as Robert Glass writes in his ‘Facts and Fallacies of Software Engineering’, about 60% of a […]

How Much Would it Cost to Build a Mobile App?

The age-old ‘how much would it cost?’ question rears its ugly head again – this time, for mobile apps. Like most investments, you would wish the answer to this question was simpler, but that’s seldom the case. Nonetheless, we offer some fruitful markers that can help you make a good estimate of how much it […]

Can Testing as a Service be a Solution for Your Company QA?

Testing as a Service is a way to outsource your software testing projects to specialists as and when required rather than allocate a detailed work plan and budget to handle the complexities of on-premise testing. TaaS is essentially a way to delegate responsibility intelligently. Quality assurance and software testing usually are dreaded topics in a […]