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Download your free Selenium WebDriver Overview

This guide is written to explain the value of Selenium to developers, CTOs and other key stakeholders who need a high-level understanding of Selenium, but don’t need to understand the particulars. The guide is of value to anyone who fits that target audience, or who needs to explain Selenium to that target audience. It also […]

Essential Software Testing

Software testing is an essential part of any new software release. According to a study conducted by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology on the impact of software failures, it was reported that software errors cost the American economy almost $60 billion per year. The OptimusQA team tests a wide variety of software, […]

5 Interesting Mobile App Facts

1.2 Billion People Use Apps Portio Research estimates that there were 1.2 billion people worldwide using mobile apps at the end of 2012, forecast to grow approximately 30% each year reaching 4.4 billion users at the end of 2017. Because there are 6.8 billion mobile subscriptions worldwide as was reported by the ITU, this means […]

Apple is Back in Maps

Apple recently purchased two mapping companies, HopStop and Locationary, pushing deeper into the map market and giving Apple more power in an area where they have experienced difficulty and embarrassment in the past. Hopstop One of the companies, HopStop, is a software application that can be used for directions, also providing real-time traffic delays. The […]

Software Testing a Growing Career Option

While software testing was once just a subset of software development, and an afterthought with testers cleaning up after developers, software testing is now a solid career in its own right, estimated to reach $50 billion by 2020 from $30 billion in 2012. Expected to capture the majority of the business, India should have 55% […]

Test Software Using Hardware

Tapster is a newly created robot that was designed for automating mobile applications on a mobile device. Stimulating a human finger on a touchscreen, Tapster reaches out with a stylus-type “finger” so that users can automate apps on mobile devices, such as the iPhone or an android device. Software developers need to check that every […]

Five Software Testing Tips

1. Prioritize your Fixes Your software may have more bugs than you have time for at the moment, so it’s important to prioritize your fixes, ensuring that the most important issues and the issues that could be easiest to fix are tackled first. It is absolutely necessary to have a plan of attack, and by […]

3 Mistakes to Avoid in Mobile App Development

Since mobile app development is constantly evolving at a rapid speed, mobile application developers are constantly learning and growing their skills and products, never quite ahead of the curve in this fast-paced sector of software development. The release of smartphones with new features is surging ahead at breakneck speed, providing a multitude of challenges for […]