WordPress Web Developer Conference in Vancouver

web_developers_vancouver-300x101 WordPress Web Developer Conference in Vancouver

Web Developer Conference in Vancouver

WordPress is one of the most popular open source content management systems on the web. There are over 23 million websites powered by WordPress.org and over 16,000 plug-ins. WordPress has a very active development community which, on Thursday, May 5, convened at WordCamp in Vancouver to share their experiences, tips, and tools.

The WordPress web developer conference kicked off with a keynote from Andrew Nacin and Lorelle VanFossen. Lorelle asked Andrew to share his experiences contributing to the open source project and hint at upcoming features (which sounded very cool!). With a clear focus on pushing the limits, Andrew expressed his excitement on how the developer community is constantly innovating.

Andrew also shared insight into the complexity of developing and testing the ~200,000 line code base. Not only does each WordPress update need a solid round of functional testing, it must go undergo compatibility testing in each browser, operating system, and the latest few versions of PHP and mySQL. With an install base of 23 million, that’s a lot of responsibility.

After the keynote, the event split apart into two tracks: development and design. I spent my time in the development track but heard there were some great presentations from the designers as well. Over the coming weeks I will post the best tips I learned from the talented presenters.


Performance Testing Tips and Tools with HP LoadRunner

picplz_20110429_00001874417_00001-300x225 Performance Testing Tips and Tools with HP LoadRunner

Performance testing in Vancouver

Last night at VanQ, our technical manager Larry Ng presented on performance testing tips and tools using HP LoadRunner (full video embedded below). He explained the performance testing process from design to execution and reporting and how HP LoadRunner is utilized for performance testing.

From his experience he found that although automation tools like HP LoadRunner are expensive, they are worth the money in time saved. Specifically, he noted that HP LoadRunner has been drastically improving the amount of time he spends designing and running tests as opposed to scripting.

Here are  a few key tips for running successful performance tests:

  1. Schedule a dry-run prior to running tests so that all participants are coordinated and familiar with the entire process.
  2. Take a snapshot of databases prior to running the tests so it’s easy to start fresh for the next test.
  3. Reboot the servers between tests and clear the cache in browsers (if applicable).
  4. Use an instant messenger client to keep everyone organized and more importantly, keep a timed log of events.
  5. Use Perfmon to monitor server health throughout the test. Use the IM log to match up the times.
  6. Choose test scenarios that are stable and heavily used.
  7. Group your test scripts into transactions so that entire process is measured (ie: The whole login process instead of each step.)
  8. Use a naming convention to keep your transactions organized. This helps with both reporting and script maintenance.

Here are a few helpful links that we discussed for those that want to learn more about HP LoadRunner:

At Optimus we work with clients on a variety of platforms. Here are a few of the other leading performance testing solutions:

Commercial Tools:

Open-Source Tools:

And of course, as promised here are the slides from Larry’s presentation. We are uploading the video as well – I will post it when it’s available.

Visit the OptimusQA performance testing page for more on our testing services.

Performance Testing using HP LoadRunner

hploadrunner-300x243 Performance Testing using HP LoadRunner

HP LoadRunner

Join us at VanQ this Thursday to discuss Performance Testing using HP LoadRunner. Our own technical manager, Larry Ng, will be sharing his hands-on experience using real-life examples.

If you haven’t made it to a VanQ event yet, this is your chance. VanQ hosts a free event each month in Vancouver to discuss software testing best practices. We regularly sponsor the event as it brings in excellent speakers and a strong network of local software testing professionals.

The event starts at 6:45PM on Thursday, April 28, but come early to meet local testing experts.

To RVSP, please visit VanQ’s website.

Hope to see you there!

Software Testing Groups in Vancouver

Vancouver-software-testing-groups-300x169 Software Testing Groups in VancouverVancouver has a thriving community of software engineers. If you’re looking to network with likeminded individuals, check out these software testing user groups and meetups.

  1. Vivit Worldwide: Are you using HP’s software testing suite? If so, join Vivit to stay on top of the latest news, events, and tips from the community forum. Vivit is an independent HP software user group that organizes events in Vancouver to inform users of the latest improvements to HP’s suite of software testing tools.
  2. VanQ: Are you interested in learning from other software testing professionals in Vancouver? VanQ hosts monthly presentations from QA professionals in Vancouver. Speakers come from leading companies to share their experience in quality assurance. It’s a great venue to learn first hand techniques to improve the software testing process.
  3. VanDev: VanDev is a software development group, but they host sessions focused on software testing as well. This highly rated developer community’s events fill up fast so be sure to RSVP quickly to reserve your spot.
  4. Agile Vancouver: As proponents of agile software development and testing, we are pleased that there is a community in Vancouver focused on the methodology. They host an annual Lean Startup Conference as well as regular events focused on agile development.

At Optimus we are proud to be part of Vancouver’s thriving software community. Connect with us to learn more about software testing events (including invite only events) in Vancouver.

If we missed any local software testing events, please let me know in the comments.

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Outsourced Software Testing at VanQ

VanQ Outsourced Software Testing at VanQ

VanQ: Outsourced Software Testing

Join us at VanQ’s event this month on February 24, 2011 to learn best practices when outsourcing software testing. Trevor Atkins, Principal Consultant at Professional Quality Assurance (PQA), will be sharing his experiences gained from over 14 years in various roles on software projects.

Excerpt from the abstract:
“In this presentation, we will use the software testing function of an organization to craft a multi-faceted sourcing solution model aimed at providing benefits on a combination of fronts including cost efficiency, capacity scalability, optimized communication, domain expertise capture/retention, specialized skills access, centralized strategic planning and accountability, etc.”

For more information, please visit the VanQ website and don’t forget to RSVP.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Software Testing HP User Group

software-testing-hp-user-group-vancouver-300x72 Software Testing HP User Group

The software testing HP User Group.

Optimus is proud to partner with HP in hosting Vancouver’s HP User Group. With a focus on the latest solutions coming from HP, these user groups are a great forum for learning advanced techniques and how to make the most of the latest functionality.

We work with clients in Vancouver and abroad to implement HP (and other) software testing solutions. We have an experienced team that has planned, implemented, and analyzed large software testing projects using both waterfall methodologies and agile software testing.

In our own development work we have a strong focus on software testing. Before we publish any code changes we go through a combination of automated and manual software testing to ensure our standards are met. Our own development is generally more agile than traditional as we push out updates frequently and test constantly. Our clients are pleased with this methodology because they see a constant stream of new features while they can manage and steer their product design.

Below is a video of Shane Evans, Solutions Architect at HP, discussing the benefits of adopting a framework technology. This video is from the latest HP User Group held in Vancouver, BC.

For those that joined us, thank you for participating and sharing your experiences, we hope you enjoyed the dinner and learned some helpful techniques. For those that missed it, keep an eye on our blog, Twitter, and Facebook as we’ll mention the next date as soon as possible.

Welcome to our new website!

221401567 Welcome to our new website!photo © 2006 Tony Hisgett | more info (via: Wylio)
We are pleased to launch our new website. In addition to an improved look and feel, we’ve furthered our social media integration and enhanced the functionality of our blog.

To learn more about Optimus and the work we do, visit our services page. We provide software testing, software development, business analytics and related services.

We consider our website not only a place to get information about Optimus, but also a place to share and discuss industry news. Please join the discussions on our blog, on Twitter, on Facebook, and on LinkedIn!

Connect with us and learn how we can be a seamless addition of your technology team.

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The Importance of Single User Performance Testing at VanQ

VanQ1 The Importance of Single User Performance Testing at VanQVanQ has announced their next session will be on performance testing. The System Engineer/Test Lead from Modular Mining Systems Canada, Gihan Madawala, will present his experience from over 6 years using industry leading performance testing tools such as LoadRunner and SilkPerformer.

The event will be hosted on Thursday, November 25, 2010 in downtown Vancouver.

VanQ consists of a strong network of software testing professionals. We are proud to sponsor VanQ’s monthly events as they bring in top-tier speakers from the local industry.

For full event details and a detailed description of the presentation, please visit the VanQ website.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Udghosh 2010

optimus_noida_india1-300x238 Udghosh 2010

As promised, here are pictures of our India team celebrating Optimus’ first year anniversary!

Udghosh 2010 was celebrated on 13th Aug, 2010 at Optimus. In keeping with the Optimus way of working, the event was planned, executed and led by the young Optimus team.

A video feature on Optimus kicked off the celebration. Team members were recognized under the categories of Optimus T10 and the Optimus Sizzlers awards. The evening was marked by lots of fun filled games and singing by the Optimus team. A well attended dinner was held on 14th August 2010 for the team with their family and friends to round off the celebrations.

Check out our Facebook page to see all the pictures from the event.