Busy Couple Weeks Optimus

Vancouver-Fireworks-300x198-150x150 Busy Couple Weeks OptimusThe last two weeks have been very busy at the Optimus offices. We celebrated our one year anniversary over the weekend (pictures coming!) and got right back to work on Monday. Since then we’ve been plugging away delivering outsourced software development and testing services to our clients.

As part of our software maintenance services, we’ve also rolled out two major upgrades over the last two weeks and are working hard to resolve a client’s software performance related issue. We’ve conducted 4 rounds of performance testing so far and have narrowed down the issue. We’re conducting the (hopefully) final round of testing next week to confirm the issue has been resolved.

We’re also doing some exciting work on our own website and monthly newsletter. You can look forward to big changes over the coming month.

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What do the biggest players think of Cloud Computing?

GigaOM’s Structure 2010 has come to an end. Structure 2010 hosted some of the biggest names in cloud computing. If you didn’t get a chance to view the presentations and panels live, you can view the recordings below.

At OptimusCloud we offer a range of cloud computing services. To learn more, send us an email at info@optimusinfo.com

Watch live streaming video from gigaomtv at livestream.com


Cloud Computing Companies Share Experiences

GigaOm is hosting their 3rd annual cloud computing conference called Structure 2010. This year they have brought in speakers from IBM, VMWare, SalesForce, Amazon, Facebook, Stanford University and many more to present their experiences integrating cloud computing technologies.

Cloud computing has caught the technology world’s imagination. At Structure 2010, we celebrate cloud computing and recognize that it is just one part of the fabric that makes up the global computer infrastructure we rely on daily. From broadband to hardware and software, we look at the whole picture and predict the directions the industry will take.

You can watch live streaming video from the keynote presentations below:

Watch live streaming video from gigaomtv at livestream.com

As a company with offices in Canada and India, we at Optimus are proponents of cloud computing. Through OptimusCloud we offer a host of cloud computing services as we’ve worked with clients to develop and migrate infrastructure and applications into cloud environments.

If you’d like to learn how OptimusCloud can help your company benefit from the scalability of cloud computing, send us an email at info@optimusinfo.com

Video Recap of Mashable’s Media Summit

Image038-300x130 Video Recap of Mashable’s Media Summit

Mashable, the most popular blog dedicated to Web 2.0 and Social Media, just hosted their first Mashable Media Summit.

The event brought in speakers from several industries to explain how social media has impacted their businesses.

Check out Mashable’s event recap here to view video highlights from the featured presentations.

Optimus helps client’s leverage the strength of social media with our suite of social media services.

Project Management Processes (PMI) and Quality Management

Optimus is sponsoring this month’s presentation on Project Management Processes (PMI) and Quality Management. The event organized by VanQ will feature Grace Shi, a project manager from Coast Capital Savings.

Will sound project management processes help assure the quality of project deliverables? How? This presentation will review the key components of the Project Management Institute (PMI) framework as well as the approach for quality management in the framework as one of nine knowledge areas. QA-PM career path potentials and PMP designation related topics will also be reviewed in the presentation.

Optimus is a regular sponsor of VanQ events. To see our coverage from previous events, click here.

For more information and to RSVP, please visit www.vanq.org.

Analyzing Performance Test Data Presentation

IMG_0001-300x212 Analyzing Performance Test Data Presentation

Here is Anand Deb of Optimus Information Inc giving a brief overview of Optimus at VanQ (www.VanQ.org) before the featured speaker took the podium.

Carles Roch-Cunill, Test Lead for System Performance at McKesson Medical Imaging Group, shared his expertise in Analyzing Performance Test Data.

Carles emphasized the importance of using the scientific method when conducting performance testing and gave examples from his work testing x-rays, CT scans, and other medical devices. He explained that performance testing should not be pass or fail, instead it should add value to software by identifying precisely where bottlenecks exist.

Optimus is pleased to sponsor VanQ events. VanQ consistently brings in excellent speakers and provides a forum for networking with industry professionals.

To learn how Optimus can help you improve the quality of your software through performance testing, send us an email at info@optimusinfo.com or visit OptimusQA.

The 40 minute presentation is no longer available.

Usability Testing 101 – Slideshow by Elizabeth Snowdon

Here is Elizabeth Snowdon’s Usability Testing 101 presentation from the previous VanQ event. With her experience gained over many years conducting Usability Testing, she provided excellent insights into the process.
Optimus sponsored this session at VanQ because we feel Usability Testing is very important in the software development process. It is vital to get your software in the hands of users in order to ensure the interface is well designed.
Optimus’ comprehensive software testing services includes Usability Testing because thorough testing enables developers to have confidence their software is well designed.
For more information about Optimus’ services, please contact us at info@optimusinfo.com

“Everyone is responsible for quality.” So Come and Learn!

VanQ has announced their May 27th event will be on Analyzing Performance Test Data. The featured presenter is Carles Roch-Cunill, Test Lead for System Performance, McKesson Medical Imaging Group.

Carles has a very impressive resume which spans around the world. He’s worked at top research institutions in Spain, France, and Canada where he developed his own software to aid his research. He then moved to the private sector where he has been developing and testing a wide range of applications.

His experience will undoubtedly provide excellent insight into successfully analyzing performance test data.

Performance testing is, among the different testing disciplines, the one that is most like a scientific experiment. In this context, this talk will review the fundamentals of the scientific method as a foundation for Performance Testing. It will follow with an introduction to data analysis using statistical concepts and methods: percentiles, averages, standard deviation, errors… will be used to create a view of how your system behaves.

This talk will show how you can use the analyzed data to support or deny you understanding of your system. The ultimate goal is to create useful knowledge for the system designers and creators.

If you haven’t been to a VanQ event yet, this is a great opportunity to get on board. The free meetings are excellent networking opportunities as people from all over the software industry come to learn from industry leaders.

Optimus is a proud sponsor of the VanQ events. We believe they add terrific benefits to the local industry by bringing in excellent speakers and providing networking opportunities. We attend the events to see the presentations and we end up learning a lot from the other attendees as well.

Head on over to VanQ’s website (www.vanq.org) for all the details and don’t forget to RSVP, see you there!

Great VanQ Event Last Night

DSC_0006-300x225 Great VanQ Event Last NightOptimus at VanQHere’s a picture of our own Anand Deb giving a brief overview of Optimus Information at the VanQ event last night. He then passed the stage over to the featured speaker Elizabeth Snowdon.

Elizabeth presented an introduction to usability testing and drew from her many years of experience. She explained the entire process from planning, to conducting testing, to reporting results. Her overview was excellent as she offered great insights into the process.

She explained the following benefits of usability testing:

  • increased sales and revenue
  • increased efficiency by saving time and money
  • less support calls
  • decreased training costs
  • reduced maintenance costs
  • increased customer satisfaction

She also explained how upfront investments in usability testing save money in the long run by identifying problems early. As we all know, problems identified during development are much less expensive to fix that after deployment.

The Q/A session brought up many interesting points. For example, attendees asked how to get senior management on board with usability testing. Elizabeth replied that usability testing doesn’t have to be a cumbersome or expensive process, with modern technology it can be done very efficiently with little more than a laptop. In order to get senior management on board, she explained that you could conduct a small guerrilla usability test on your own and present the findings. Once management sees direct feedback from users and actionable items to improve they’ll be more likely to jump on board for more testing.

Optimus is proud to have sponsored VanQ last night and is looking forward to next month’s event.

How Usability Testing Wins Customers

What is Usability Testing?

Usability Testing is a manual testing process that enables end users to try out new applications before they’re published. The goal of usability testing is to ensure that the software is understandable, efficient, accurate, and easy to use.

In addition to performance testing, Usability Testing is a vital step in the software development lifecycle. It ensures that software is well designed for use by the intended audience.

Usability Testing iPhone Applications

Take the recent emergence of iPhone applications for example. Usability Testing is vital in their success because applications require a consistent look and feel. Applications should be intuitive and therefore easy to use because of their compact size and nature of use. With focused usability testing, software developers can be confident that their software is going to be well received.

How Usability Testing Wins Customers

Usability Testing wins customers because it is the final step in guaranteeing that the carefully designed user interface is intuitive for end users. Software is designed with the end use in mind, but throughout the development cycle the user is often neglected. Thorough Usability Testing allows developers to receive feedback directly from users. Their feedback is critical and it allows developers to make changes to their user-interface and experience before the application is published.

By designing and developing a high quality user experience, customers will have confidence in your products.

Learn more

To learn more about Usability Testing, come to VanQ‘s event on April 29, 2010 in Vancouver. Elizabeth Snowdon, a Business / Web / Usability Analyst, Consultant and Contractor, will be presenting Usability 101 Testing Primer.