Integrating Software Testing and Development

costs-of-software-development-and-testing-300x225 Integrating Software Testing and Development

Don’t flush money down the drain. Coordinate your development and testing cycles.

In any software product, quality is commonly recognized as lack of bugs. This is expressed as the reliability of software or defect rate.

To survive in a hyper competitive environment, many software organizations are now focused on integrating software testing and development through a Quality of Service based approach towards the development and testing process.

Benefits of the Quality of Service approach:

  • Save time and money by identifying defects early
  • Identify and catalog reusable modules and components
  • Avoid or reduce development downtime
  • Provide better customer service by building a better application
  • Build a list of desired modifications and enhancements for later versions
  • Identify areas where programmers and developers need training
  • Enhance user satisfaction based on their requirements

How does one ensure that the development and testing process is both cost and time effective?

Optimization is the Key!

The product development life cycle consists of multiple complex phases. The output of previous phase is the input to the next phase and every deliverable has certain quality attributes; therefore, the testing process holds the key to success of the product in the market.

Since time is always in short supply, optimized testing is paramount. As shown in Figure 1 below, every phase in the software development process is accompanied by elements of software testing.

For example, in the Detailed Requirements phase of the development process, one should also design a testing strategy, test analysis and design plan. These should be derived from user interviews and followed by a requirements testability review. There are many software testing types that help companies get through the software testing process.

Software-Development-and-Testing-Process1 Integrating Software Testing and Development

Figure 1. – Software Development and Testing process done in parallel.

Ultimately the purpose of implementing the testing process along with the development process is to save the team effort, time and money. During this process, it is important to identify someone to drive the implementation, identify the scope, define an implementation plan and monitor the roll out.

All of this is usually best covered with a small software testing pilot project before any organization wide roll outs are considered. This enables a company to test this approach on a small scale, so adjustments can be made where necessary before rolling out the process across the company.

At OptimusQA, we help companies with their software testing needs. For more information on our services, please contact us at

Attention Software Developers: Read the fine-print when using APIs

twitter_api-300x225 Attention Software Developers: Read the fine-print when using APIsAs UberMedia learned very publicly today, software developers must carefully abide by terms-of-service (TOS) agreements when using APIs. As you may already know, Twitter has a powerful API that enables developers to create programs that access information from Twitter. This open API has been used by companies such as HootSuite and UberMedia to create powerful Twitter clients.

However, in a shocking move today, Twitter removed UberMedia’s rights to use their API because UberMedia was not abiding by Twitter’s terms of service. Rumor has it that Twitter had three primary complaints:

  1. UberMedia’s Twitter client, UberTwitter, was infringing on Twitter’s trademark.
  2. UberMedia was enabling users to tweet more than 140 characters.
  3. UberMedia was accused of monetizing tweets by adding affiliate codes to user’s tweets.

UberMedia had already been preparing to change the name of their Twitter client and had a contest over the last few weeks to come up with a new name. They announced the new client would be called UberSocial which is a step in the right direction as it supports more than just Twitter.

This is an example of why reading the fine print in the TOS is important. Developers are able to utilize APIs from leading services to create innovative applications; however, an API can be turned off like a light switch if the rules are being broken (or bent).

Below are some samples of the news as reactions as the story developed.

(image credit: Channy Yun)

Busy Couple Weeks Optimus

Vancouver-Fireworks-300x198-150x150 Busy Couple Weeks OptimusThe last two weeks have been very busy at the Optimus offices. We celebrated our one year anniversary over the weekend (pictures coming!) and got right back to work on Monday. Since then we’ve been plugging away delivering outsourced software development and testing services to our clients.

As part of our software maintenance services, we’ve also rolled out two major upgrades over the last two weeks and are working hard to resolve a client’s software performance related issue. We’ve conducted 4 rounds of performance testing so far and have narrowed down the issue. We’re conducting the (hopefully) final round of testing next week to confirm the issue has been resolved.

We’re also doing some exciting work on our own website and monthly newsletter. You can look forward to big changes over the coming month.

Best regards!

(photo credit: kennymatic)

Reverse Engineering, Web Applications, and Software Testing

Screenshot-0012-300x135 Reverse Engineering, Web Applications, and Software Testing

We have just published several new case studies on reverse engineering, web application development and software testing. Read our case studies here to see how we have helped clients in Vancouver overcome challenges and improve their offerings.

One client had a powerful web application that had gone through many iterations. The application had been developed by numerous developers and did not have consistent documentation. Read how we conducted reverse engineering to thoroughly document the application. The client is now able to quickly train new developers and increase their development speed.

A different client provides customized web services and solutions. While their core services expanded over the years, their web interface had fallen behind. Their challenge was that their development team was focused on their core services. We now work closely with their design and development team as their web application development partner. This relationship benefits the client by giving them access to a flexible technology team.

Another client required software testing services. They had developed powerful video analytics software and needed to conduct QA testing to ensure it was ready for market. Read how we setup a comprehensive software testing process so that our client was able to guarantee their software. The client has since been able to increase development speed because issues are quickly identified and their development team can focus on improving the software.

To learn how Optimus can become your technology partner, send us an email at

New Case Study: Social Media Platform Development

We have just added a new case study on Social Media Platform Development.

Leveraging the power of social networks is an excellent method of building interest in your brand. We’ve worked with clients to integrate social networks with their websites and applications.

Here’s a short excerpt from the case study.

The Client:
The client has a social media platform that allows users to setup personalized tribute websites. The platform is integrated with social media platforms like Facebook.

The client had developed their platform with a previous vendor and now needed to improve the functionality, design and integration with other platforms.

Optimus helped the client with speed, flexibility, and scalability using a very cost efficient and agile process. The on-going relationship allows the client to continuously improve their product with rapid development, testing and deployment.

You can read the full case study on social media platform development here. If you would like to see how Optimus has worked with other clients, read more of our case studies.

To learn how Optimus can help you integrate your website or application with social media platforms, email us at

January 2010 at Optimus

We are making fast and steady progress at Optimus. Now, with 10 clients and a cash flow positive business, the model is proven. It is all about growth from here onwards.

We are focused on Software Development and Testing outsourcing in a hybrid model from our offices in Canada and India. Our primary target market remains mid size software companies and IT departments.
In the agile world, our fast paced methodology helps clients build a cost effective and fast solution.

Hiring In India

October first week was a week of hiring. We hired our Head of India Operations. He is an experienced professional with more than 20 years of experience. We also finalized lease for our new and bigger office. On new business, we signed deal with another customer to build back for a consumer application.

OptimusDev Offering

More and more organizations, I meet in Vancouver, they are looking to optimize their software development costs while needing some strong local presence from the outsourcing vendors. Also, India is the preferred destination.

Many of them wish to extend the partnership by exploring India as market.

Our positioning would remain that of a local company with benefits of global offshoring.

IT Outsourcing in British Columbia

I met many technology CEOs in last 2 weeks. Most of them have shown an interest in having a reliable outsourcing partner. Partner who can work as an extension of their engineering team and help in the areas of software development, software maintenance and software testing.

The key questions:

  1. Can it be same or better quality
  2. Can it be same or better productivity
  3. Would it be cheaper, faster and better.

I believe that hybrid model i.e. an extension of client’s engineering team with on-shore and offshore capabilities is the long term way to succeed.

Where do things go wrong ? I think that wrong expectations, wrong assumption that all work can be done offshore and also mistake in ascertaining what is offshorable and what is not, are some of the reasons.