Five Points to Evaluate a Software Testing and QA Company

Choosing the right QA company for your software is a mammoth task.There are hundreds of things that can go wrong – from unwanted mishaps to security breaches. By following a few guidelines, you will be able to choose the right software testing and QA vendors for your product.

A quick Google search will show you that there are hundreds of cheap and free software testing vendors in the market, all of them equally boastful about their quality assurance capabilities. It is truly a difficult task to weed out the fakes and incompetents in the list. There are, however, a few pointers that you should always check for in a good QA company. This is not a hard and fast checklist, but a guide to gauge the competency of your prospective testers to see whether they are up to the job. The point is to not be coaxed into going for a service that charges you less per hour and ends up being massively expensive through troubleshooting and recovery costs. Here are a few tips to help you make the decision:

Specialization and Experience

Opting for a exclusive testing and QA Company rather than one that provides development, testing and maintenance as a whole is advisable. This is because core software testers are generally more adept at handling unique testing scenarios. Also, you can greatly benefit from the financial and strategic flexibilities on demand testing provides. Research your prospective company thoroughly. Look at their experience and previous clients. Go for a company with a proven track record.


Security measures should be implemented at various levels of the facilities of the outsourcing provider that include physical security, networking, database security and ad hoc security projects based on specific project. The other aspect of security is intellectual property protection. QA and testing outsourcing providers have to protect all PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION (PII) given by clients or otherwise obtained in the course of outsourcing engagements and treat it as proprietary and/or trade secrets. Make sure that the company has watertight non-disclosure agreements, intellectual property protection and employee confidentiality agreements.


Make sure that the testing company has the necessary and sufficient infrastructure to tackle your software. This includes all the equipment ranging from computers to specific tools for performance, functionality and application testing. Every software has unique testing infrastructure requirements – while some require extensive compatibility testing and back-end database systems, others require testing in production sized environment closely resembling the intended product environment. Make sure all the test scenarios and procedures are certified and standardized according to the governing authorities.

Flexibility and Scalability

Flexibility and scalability is important to ensure that fluctuations in scales and timelines can be dealt with. For example, during cases like new version releases, growing regression test demands, revised testing commitments after system improvement, etc. require flexibility from the service provider. The provider must have an organizational capacity large enough to contain further scalability scenarios. Thus a client must check that if the testing requirements change with time, the provider is adept to handle them.

Communication and Management

The testing provider must have seamless lines of communication with the client. This is so important that the trustworthiness of a company can be evaluated on their effective communication. These channels of communication range from the executive managements of the client and the testing company, the software development team and the on-site testing team. The other part of trustworthiness is configuration management. For a long lasting relationship with a client, the testing company should have a comprehensive change and configuration management system so as to grow with the client.

Contact OptimusQA for any help regarding testing and quality assurance. With top of the class infrastructure and expertise and professionals with more than 15 years of industry experience, OptimusQA is a trusted name in the field. Get in touch with us to know more about our policies, procedures and our method of honest testing and analysis.

Download your free Selenium WebDriver Overview

selenium-webdriver-overview.1-300x117 Download your free Selenium WebDriver OverviewThis guide is written to explain the value of Selenium to developers, CTOs and other key stakeholders who need a high-level understanding of Selenium, but don’t need to understand the particulars.

The guide is of value to anyone who fits that target audience, or who needs to explain Selenium to that target audience.

It also includes case study examples of how Selenium is being used to solve real world testing problems in e-commerce and SaaS settings.


  • Learn Selenium’s core features and capabilities.
  • Learn about Selenium integration with test frameworks, build automation tools, IDEs and ALMs.
  • Understand the basics of data-driven, keyword-driven and hybrid testing.

Download-Selenium-EBook-300x41 Download your free Selenium WebDriver Overview

If you need help with Selenium, then be sure to connect with us for a free one hour consultation.

Software Testing and Quality Assurance Event in Vancouver BC

Software-testing-Vancouver-event-300x200 Software Testing and Quality Assurance Event in Vancouver BC

Software Testing Event in Vancouver

On November 7th, OptimusQA organized a breakfast event for industry leaders in B.C. More than 30 guests attended the Software Testing event at Vancouver Terminal City Club in downtown Vancouver.

The topic of the event, “Sensible, Pragmatic and Effective Testing”, covered the breadth and depth of knowledge required for decision makers to evaluate the testing efforts needed to confidently provide quality assurance.

There were many questions, interactions and ideas floating in the room and we received a lot of positive feedback resulting in offline discussion. We look forward to hosting the next event. Connect with us to learn more.

If you were unable to attend the event or would like to view again, the video is embedded below. Enjoy!

[youtube height=”400″ width=”600″][/youtube]

Website Performance Testing

Our client was weeks away from launching their web-based strategy game and wanted to make sure their servers (hosted on Amazon Web Services) would scale according to demand.

Our job was to hammer the servers to see at which points things would slow down and identify which functions slowed down the most.

Read the full story in our case study on Web Application Performance Testing.

iOS Application Testing

We recently helped a client conduct manual testing of their soon-to-be-launched iOS application. It was an exciting project because the young startup is a exciting example of Vancouver’s budding tech scene.

Their small team of founders, designers, and developers were hammering out the beta version of their app but were getting bogged down with full QA passes at each release. They needed a flexible team that could be available to conduct quick rounds of end-to-end or regression test passes on their releases.

Read the full story in our case study on iOS Application Testing.

Manual Website Testing

We recently helped a client conduct manual testing of their web-based application across a combination of operating systems and browsers. Our testing was focused on functionality, compatibility, and localization as the service is provided world wide.

The goal of the project was to give the client confidence in the stability of their application by conducting thorough cross-platform testing. Our test results, bug reports, and recreate steps enabled their developers to prioritize and address the identified issues. Once issues were resolved, we were able to conduct regression testing and provide the final test results.

Read our complete case study on Manual Website Testing and connect with us to learn more.

Performance Testing using JMeter

When working with an API, sometimes you need to do some serious load and performance testing in order to see how it’ll respond to increased demands. Read this case study on how we used JMeter to test a client’s API in order to provide some quantifiable benchmarks.

Read the case study on using JMeter to do Performance Testing and connect with us if you have any questions.

Essential Software Testing

Software testing is an essential part of any new software release. According to a study conducted by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology on the impact of software failures, it was reported that software errors cost the American economy almost $60 billion per year.

The OptimusQA team tests a wide variety of software, web, and mobile platforms, providing services from fully outsourced testing to strategy consulting and test automation. Our team adapts to your preferred processes and tools, able to provide recommendations as we work as a seamless extension of your team.

Our clients are able to deploy their software with confidence, as we provide compatibility testing services that evaluate cross-OS platforms, cross-browser, and hardware platforms – both automated and manual. We provide a well-designed and easily customizable compatibility-testing matrix and we have tools and processes in place for an overall dashboard view.

Software testing improves the quality of software, it reduces implementation costs, and it provides a faster time to market when properly structured and implemented. Companies that consider all risks, including productivity and consumer impact, are wise to invest in quality management, including software testing. Defect prevention results in saving related to quality, helping to guarantee brand loyalty and repeat customers.

Quality assurance can sometimes be overlooked or skipped altogether, as it is not traditionally seen as a profit-making department by some executives. Those; however, who shortchange their software products by providing a sub-par version will soon discover the high costs associated with a poor product release – including disappearing customer loyalty, diminished sales, lack of repeat customers, poor employee retention, and low profits. In short, skipping on quality assurance and software testing can lead to disaster.

We work closely with you to determine if an iterative or sequential approach is preferred. Iterative approaches fit companies that want their project delivered in increments, whereas a sequential approach involves all the project planning to be done upfront with a final project delivered at the end.

Providing a quality product will boost software sales and consumer trust in your product, and testing that software properly will save high costs in releasing numerous iterations to correct past mistakes.

With OptimusQA as a partner, you gain a flexible pool of talented software testers, allowing for the sufficient scope of required testing to improve the quality of business-critical systems in a short period of time.

We offer the following services:

  • QA Strategy
  • Test Planning
  • Functional Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Report Testing
  • Cloud Testing
  • API Testing
  • Game Testing
  • Mobile Application Testing
  • Test Automation

Software Testing a Growing Career Option

While software testing was once just a subset of software development, and an afterthought with testers cleaning up after developers, software testing is now a solid career in its own right, estimated to reach $50 billion by 2020 from $30 billion in 2012. Expected to capture the majority of the business, India should have 55% of the booming software testing market by that time.

lightbulb-225x300 Software Testing a Growing Career Option

Software testing has become more challenging than ever before, with the rise of mobile technologies and big data and technologies like cloud. Because of this shift, the field now requires broader talents than it’s demanded in the past, with employers requiring everything from test automation to big data testing to selenium and mobile testing.

Testers are now expected to have a larger skill set with broad skills across a variety of platforms and specialties, including mobile. They are also expected to have broad, non-technical skills, like communication, critical thinking, and analytical skills. A great tester gives developers the feedback they require, in the right way, and at the right time. Positive reinforcement is touted as very important on many software testing blogs, as testers are often the bearers of bad news and must be able to disseminate information in a way that will make developers understand and be open to the conversation.

Skills required of software testers, in addition to technological knowledge, should include communication skills, an analytical mindset, the ability to think logically, a positive attitude, and don’t forget those programming skills!

Software testing is a fascinating career for those who love being exposed to the latest software and adding their two cents. It can be highly intellectual, as analytical skills must be employed to find issues and bugs that others wouldn’t have the patience for. There is ample opportunity to grow in this field, and enough work in the future that software testers will be able to find their niche market and specialize in the area to which they are the most drawn to, whether it be big data, mobile, or something else entirely.

This is a fast-changing industry, which is experiencing global influence and trends, and as it grows, there is monumental opportunity for those interested in building their career in an interesting area.

Software testing is indeed a growing sector. IT contractors are currently seeing an increase in fields including web development, testing, but in particular, software testing, which is the bright spot, as demand in the economy has spiked quickly and unexpectedly in 2012, with opportunities increasing as we move through 2013.

Optimus QA is no exception to this trend – we are hiring for Quality Assurance professionals! Be sure to visit our career page if you feel you are a candidate for this type of work!

Test Software Using Hardware

Tapster is a newly created robot that was designed for automating mobile applications on a mobile device.

Stimulating a human finger on a touchscreen, Tapster reaches out with a stylus-type “finger” so that users can automate apps on mobile devices, such as the iPhone or an android device. Software developers need to check that every important interaction still works when a line of code is changed, and while it’s easy to manually check things yourself or have your friends and colleagues help, now there’s a robot to do it for you!

tapster-300x169 Test Software Using Hardware

Designed and built by Jason Huggins, he built the robot using open-source components, including an Arduino controller and 3D printable components. He used Selenium, which is an open source framework for running automated tests on web application. It’s a device that is easily programmed via Node.js, which means it’s accessible for software developers who are more familiar with wb languages.

It allows developers to test many parts of an application in any browser, including IE, Firefox, and Google Chrome. When the iPhone was launched, it presented the problem of the touchscreen, as there are many more ways to interact with the iPhone and its type. Apple didn’t offer API for building testing tools, which meant that manual testing of mobile apps was required.

“As with any new technology, people who have Tapsters are kicking the tires and learning how to program it,” said Huggins. “It’s still early days in the robot-powered testing revolution.”

Huggins continued, “Agile development makes developers want to go faster, but testers can’t keep up. People who want to slow down the process, whether that’s a database administrator or a tester, those people are being phased out. “

Huggins thinks Tapster will bridge the gap between automated testing. It started as a joke to have a robot playing Angry Birds, and then he created the original version of the tool and when he started showing it at conferences like the Disrupt NY Hackathon, there was enough interest to put it on the Tindie marketplace.

Here are the details:

Tapspter can help with things like testing movement for companies; however at this point, the distributors are looking for a mathematician to help refine the product.