Optimus Breakfast Series: Testing in an Interconnected World – Video

How to Test Applications as They Become Increasingly Universal

In case you couldn’t make it to Testing in an Interconnected World on June 13th, 2017, you can watch the entire panel discussion here. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter and follow our events page to register for the next event.


Steve Whitfield – Technical Director, Mobile Apps at lululemon athletica

Stu Ashman – QA Director at Mio Global

Larry Ng – Director of Quality at Visier

Moderated by Pankaj Agarwal – Founder and Managing Partner at Optimus Information


VanQ April 2016: Automated and Manual Testing for Web & App Accessibility

Each month, Optimus Information hosts VanQ, Vancouver’s testing and quality assurance meetup group. To attend the next event, join VanQ here

Date: April 28, 2016

Topic: Methods in Automated and Manual Testing for Web & App Accessibility. This presentation will:

  1. Provide a background on web accessibility standards and legislation
  2. Discuss software tools to automate the discovery and remediation of accessibility issues
  3. Present methods for manual testing for desktop and mobile devices

Speaker: Janos Sitar

Janos joined Central 1 in September 2015 as a Web Accessibility Specialist. Currently, Janos is leading projects such as improving the user experience of desktop and mobile products with assistive technologies and conducting interviews of Central 1 members with accessibility issues so they can achieve greater independence of their finances. He is Central 1’s accessibility evangelist and will proudly share his comprehensive understanding of the benefits of accessible design practices to anyone interested to learn more.

Janos was introduced to web development via an online film journal while completing a Masters degree in Film Studies. His interest in form, function, audience response and the web, leveraged by his years of experience conducting usability studies and writing reports for organizations like Telus, BC Hydro, and Logitech, makes him a natural fit for conducting user experience studies of websites and software.

Optimus Breakfast Event – Do’s and Don’ts of Software Outsourcing Video

Missed our last event? View the video below to watch the entire presentation, panel discussion and audience questions.

On Tuesday, November 17 , 2015, Optimus Information hosted our second Breakfast Series event of the year. Hosted at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Vancouver, this early morning event brought together over 60 local technology professionals to form a captivating discussion on the Do’s and Don’ts of Software Outsourcing.

Pankaj Agarwal, Founder and Managing Partner of Optimus Information, led a discussion on software outsourcing with the following panelists:

Ralph Turfus,  Entrepreneur, Investor and ex-CEO, Class Software
Peter Lukomskyj, VP, Products, Elastic Path Software
Benjamin Terrill, VP of Customer Success, Mobify

VanQ – Vancouver’s Local Software Quality Assurance Community Reaches 700+ Members and Counting

VanQ Software Quality Assurance group was formed over 10 years ago with a small community of local software developers and testers. This month we are celebrating a milestone as VanQ has now hit over 700 members.

Ed Dahl co-founded VanQ with the mission to build a strong local Software Quality Assurance community. Over the years the organizers have changed, but the mission has remained intact. Optimus Information took on carrying through this mission over two years ago and it has been a great way to connect with local and new software developers and testers. Our monthly Meetups bring out anywhere between 50 – 80 members with equal parts new and familiar faces. VanQ has proven to be a great way for new QA professionals to connect with seasoned professionals and become involved in this thriving community.

Over the years we have seen a number of great leaders, from a range of backgrounds and industries, share their ideas and experiences. We have also had a variety of sponsors join us in bringing the community together such as Hootsuite, Boeing – Aeroinfo Canada, Vision Critical, SOASTA and Mobify to name a few.

We have been able to capture a number of the Meetup presentations on video. Here are a few of our most recent Meetups. You can find the full archive at www.vanq.org.

Overview of the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB)

For this Meetup, Gary Mogyorodi from the Canadian Software Testing Board in Toronto came out to speak with our members about the ISTQB, benefits of the ISTQB, Syllabi and Extension, the ISTQB footprint, the Canadian Software Testing Board, and the ISTQB Partner Program. Watch the complete presentation here:

Essential Skills for Test Automation & Load Testing

This past May, Alex Siminiuc, Freelance Tester with uTest.com, shared with us his thoughts on the skills needed for test automation and load testing. Alex has been a Software Tester since 2006 and actively blog’s here: test-able.blogspot.ca. Watch his complete presentation here:

Vision Critical’s QA Strategy: Prevention Rather Than Cure

Stuart Ashman, Vision Critical’s QA Director gave VanQ a presentation on how they attempt to ensure they ‘build it right’ as well as ‘build the right thing’. He goes through their process of using white box approaches, automation, risk analysis and strong critical and test thinking. Watch the full presentation here:

After taking the month of July off to enjoy some of the summer weather, we are gearing up for the next Meetup on Thursday, August 13, 2015. For this one we are excited to partner with Electronic Arts Games, TestDroid and the Vancouver Unity Games Meetup group for an exciting talk on ‘Driving Quality Through Test Automation of Mobile Apps and Games’. We will be hosting this Meetup at The Pint Public house. Join VanQ today and we hope to see you at the next Meetup: http://www.meetup.com/VanQ-Vancouver-Testing-and-Quality-Assurance-Group/

We are always looking for topic suggestions, speakers, sponsors and venue hosts. If you would like to get involved with VanQ get in touch with us.

Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 Development Event Video

Nokia Developer Ambassador Jan Hannemann speaks on how to best develop for both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 focusing on code reuse and sharing, optimal architecture and adding other mobile platforms in to the mix in this Vancouver mobile development event hosted by OptimusMobility.

At the end of the video is information on the Nokia Premium Developer Program, a program to help developers of all sorts get started developing on Windows Phone.

Related Resources

Some of the resources mentioned in the talk or recommended by the speaker.

DVLUP: Nokia Windows phone developer community.

Xamarin: Used for porting .Net MVVM code to native iOS and Android.

MvvmCross: List of resources on MvvmCross which lets you use the MVVM model on Android.

Channel 9: The Channel 9 talk on the same topic.

Original Event Details

jan-hannemann Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 Development Event VideoOn Saturday, March 9, 2013 from 3-5 PM, OptimusMobility hosts a talk about Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 Development by  Jan Hannemann at the at 217-755 Burrard Street, Vancouver

Hannemann will be speaking on developing for Windows Phone 8 with specific emphasis on sharing code between Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 apps.

About Jan Hannemann

Hannemann is a Research Associate at the University of Victoria and a Nokia Developer Ambassador providing support and service to help developers design, develop, distribute and monetize apps on Nokia handsets running Windows Phone.

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Video Recap of Mashable’s Media Summit

Image038-300x130 Video Recap of Mashable’s Media Summit

Mashable, the most popular blog dedicated to Web 2.0 and Social Media, just hosted their first Mashable Media Summit.

The event brought in speakers from several industries to explain how social media has impacted their businesses.

Check out Mashable’s event recap here to view video highlights from the featured presentations.

Optimus helps client’s leverage the strength of social media with our suite of social media services.