Comparison Chart of MS vs. SAP vs. IBM

Comparison of BI Suites – MS SharePoint, SAP Business Objects, and IBM Cognos

FeatureMS SharePoint Server 2010SAP Business Objects EnterpriseIBM Cognos BI Enterprise
Desktop query and analysis toolSQL Server Analysis ServicesDesktop Intelligence / OLAP IntelligenceAnalysis Studio and Query Studio
Spreadsheet IntegrationMicrosoft ExcelLive Office XCelsiusIBM Cognos BI Analysis for Microsoft Excel
ReportingSQL Server REporting ServicesCrystal Reports WebIntelligenceReportNet (Report Studio + Query Studio)
Web PortalSharePoint 2010InfoViewCognos Connection
Visual DashboardBusiness Intelligence Development Studio and SharePoint 2010Performance manager XCelsius Dashboard BuilderGO! Dashboard Report Studio
ETL and data integration toolBusiness Intelligence Development StudioData integrator (BODI)Data Manager
Modeling ApplicationBusiness Intelligence Development StudioDesignerFramework Manager
ScorecardingBusiness Intelligence Development Studio and SharePoint 2010Performance manager Dashboard ManagerMetrics Studio
CollaborationSharePoint 2010

It is no secret that when it comes to choosing the best Business Intelligence suite, it all depends on your needs. Each of the suites have their pros and cons but as seen in the above image the three selected can perform all of the features. The differences between the suites are not significant enough and if needed, you can combine the three of them to get what you need (ex. Crystal Reports deployed on SharePoint 2010). This implies that as long as there’s no technical reason to stick with a certain platform, it’ll be the details that end up as deciding factors when picking the winner.

Specifying your needs is the first step that must be done before even trying to choose anything. Then it would be important to talk to the technical sales people from the vendors and try to get a trial version of the platforms and test it in your business environment. This way you’ll get a better sense of what can work for your company.

Independent of which of vendor you decide to go with, companies like Optimus can assist you in the implementation of the business intelligence suite as well as with the development and deployment of BI reports and dashboards. If you would like to learn more about our services, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to sit down and discuss your needs.

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