Importance of the Discovery Phase

Once you have decided to develop a mobile app, it is tempting to jump right in to development. But rushing to development is not the smartest way to build an app.

Beginning development with a discovery phase has lots of benefits that will better prepare you for the process and make it more likely to build a successful app under budget.

What is the Discovery Phase?

The discovery phase is where we work with you so that we both have a clear idea of the project scope and deliverables. We spend a lot of time understanding your needs and defining specific deliverables that will facilitate development in future project sprints. The discovery phase is normally charged on a fixed price basis typically representing 10-20 % of the overall projects cost.

Discovery Phase Deliverables

At the end of the discovery phase, you get documents detailing how to develop the application. These documents are the your property and they can be used to continue the development process with us or any other developer.

The discovery phase deliverables include:

  •  A requirements document including user stories, non-functional requirements and workflows.
  • A test plan.
  • A detailed project plan.
  • Wireframes.
  • Final UI.
  • Technical architecture and design like API specifications, necessary system integrations and security requirements.

Why is a Discovery Phase so important?

The main goal of this discovery phase is to completely understand the application including its overall goals and possible limitations.

It gives you a clearer idea of the scope of the project, the risks involved and the likely cost. It also helps smooth development.

Why is it good for customers?

By going through a discovery phase you get professional quality documentation that is used to guide development. You also get a more accurate estimate which will give you a clearer idea about your project, the scope, the platforms you want to use and the timelines that you are thinking about.

If you have any questions about our process or any questions about how we can help you in mobile application development including the discovery phase please contact us and take advantage of our 1-hour free consultation.

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