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Focus Brings Results!

software_development_optimus-300x300 Focus Brings Results!As an IT services company, we get to work on a lot of different projects. It’s very exciting because we have the opportunity to work with industry leading clients on cutting edge solutions. Sometimes we’re working on technologies that we’re very familiar with and sometimes we’re working with brand new tools and platforms – regardless of the tool set we’re using, we truly believe that “Focus Brings Results!”

With that spirit in mind, we have decided to roll out a few specialized practices within our organization: OptimusInfo, OptimusQA, OptimusBI, and OptimusMobility. Each of these four practices (as detailed below), are focused on their specific niche. This specialization enables our teams, processes, and clients gain better experience and value by being passionately dedicated to a specific skill set.

optimus-logo Focus Brings Results!

OptimusInfo: This is the root of the organization. It’s focused on our Software Development projects and System Integration services.


OptimusQA-Logo-300x84 Focus Brings Results!

OptimusQA: This practice is dedicated to the art and science of Quality Assurance. Including both Manual and Automated Software Testing, OptimusQA strives to be the best QA organization in town.


OptimusBI Focus Brings Results!OptimusBI: This practice focuses on business intelligence solutions. From Report Development services to Data Warehousing, OptimusBI is your full service BI partner.


optimusmobility-logo-website Focus Brings Results!

OptimusMobility: This practice handles all of ourMobile Application Development and Testing projects. Our focus on embedded, native, and web-based solutions ensures our clients receive the most suitable solutions.


What does this mean for you?


If you’re interested in QA – check out our Software QA blog. If BI is your passion – check out our BI blog at OptimusBI where we share the latest news and tips. If you think mobile is the most exciting, on our mobile application development blog we focus on apps, frameworks, libraries, and devices. And of course, for those software developers and generalists, keep your eyes on our OptimusInfo blog for all the latest news from each of our practices.

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