How Much Would it Cost to Build a Mobile App?

6088012-9086956 How Much Would it Cost to Build a Mobile App?

The age-old ‘how much would it cost?’ question rears its ugly head again – this time, for mobile apps. Like most investments, you would wish the answer to this question was simpler, but that’s seldom the case. Nonetheless, we offer some fruitful markers that can help you make a good estimate of how much it would cost to build your mobile app.

There is no doubt that apps have become an essential part of our lives. Having an app for your business can make life easier for you and your customers. But after a quick web search of app building cost estimates, one realizes that an app might take a big bite out of your budget allocation. Looking at a range of about $20,000 to more than $200,000, one can get a bit overwhelmed about app building. The most important thing you can do to narrow down your cost estimate to something that you can apply a return-on-investment analysis to, is make a careful visualization of everything you require for your app and work on individual estimates. Here’s a little

Factors Influencing the Cost of Building Your App

Choosing a Platform

Your intended platform matters a lot when it comes to calculating an estimate of not only the cost, but also the profits through the intended app. Depending upon whether you want an iOS, Android or a Windows system, the cost will slightly vary. Developing iOS apps means ensuring that they work properly for a small range of iPhones and iPads, while Android has more than 12,000 different devices with different processors, screens sizes, etc. At the same time, Android has a larger community of developers and is open source, which tends to bring down the cost. This changes the development strategy and the complexity that can reflect on the cost. Still, a ballpark of $6000-8000 might be adequate for most stock apps on different platforms.

Custom or Stock?

Is it a custom or a stock app? Custom apps take more thought, architecture and original development than a stock app with say a couple of new features. Thus the cost of a custom app might go to more than double of a stock app of similar complexity.

Functionality and Features

This is where the larger enterprise apps separate themselves from the small scale ones. Following is a list of some of the major features that you should decide upon to checkmark for inclusion.

  • Email/Social Login

  • Activity Feed and Dashboard

  • GPS Tracker and Maps

  • Camera Feed

  • Payment Interface

  • Cloud Syncing

  • Social Sharing

  • Third Party API

    This does not even include the more specific, niche features like chatting, QR code reader, calendar integration and custom user profiles . The more features you add to your app, the more it will cost.


Design is critical for mobile applications because of a lot of reasons – it offers the face value for your app, it drastically affects the usability and since the screen size is usually small, it is the only eye catcher in the initial stage. Hence, design will figure prominently on your app budget. App designers will work with developers to essentially create jackets that will be worn by the code. Since most designers work by the hour with average wages being about $100/hour, having a clear idea of how you want your project to look like makes a lot of difference in the design cost.

Admin Features

If you want to monitor your app usage, you can create an admin interface. This can come with features such as moderation, payment approval, content management systems and user administration. The development cost of these features ranges from $10,000 and higher, depending upon the complexity.

The cost of an app is directly proportional to its complexity. Every new feature you add, the cost notches up by that much. Therefore it is very essential to clearly demarcate only the essential features that you wish to include for the app to be functional. If you are undecided on a certain feature, a good practice is accounting for 50% of its cost in your ROI estimate to be on the safer side.

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