Is Scaling Up Quicker Through BaaS?

Backend as a Service is a relatively new concept that is catching on quickly in the industry. If used the right way, opting for BaaS instead of working on the backend in-house can make a huge difference in your profit margins and company success.

Advantages of BaaS

When we talk about mobile application development, we often focus on the actual customer-end device and pay attention to the app development and design process dilemmas. Sometimes we end up losing sight of another aspect that is crucial for the system to work – the behind-the-curtain processes that handle system requests, store data, manage users, support push notifications, etc. – the backend. BaaS provider companies offer these services and more using custom software development kits and APIs that give a cloud based support to your mobile application. Without a good backend service, your cloud based app is essentially as good as a cardboard cutout. Delegating backend responsibility to a outside source might sound like a risky decision but it takes an immense monitoring and maintenance weight off of your shoulders. There are many advantages of going with a good BaaS provider. Let’s look at a few:

Makes Developers more productive

BaaS providers essentially take over writing. deploying and managing the backend of your mobile application. This means that you do not have to go out and buy yourself a Linux VPS, write the backend code (in Ruby, Python, Java, etc.), choose a database and configure a permanent domain and URLs. BaaS will handle the bridge between frontend of your app and various cloud based backends via a unified API and SDK. This leaves your developers free to focus on other important aspects of the app like design, innovation and user experience.

BaaS is Extremely Elastic

BaaS brings a much needed flexibility to data access. This means that there is no rigid capacity that data must fulfill. Storage capabilities are fit-to-size, ie, they increase or decrease according to the data requirements negating wastage of space saving your money and resources. This extreme scalability of BaaS is especially crucial for small to medium sized startups who are looking for a long term solution to a growing product.

Save Time, Save Money

With BaaS, you save massive amounts of time and money that you would have invested in building your own backend – hiring and paying developers, spending days and weeks in backend development. Nor do you have to spend money towards a cloud service like Amazon. BaaS providers also manage data storage facilities. This means that your developers do not have to utilize time and resources in monitoring and maintaining data storage. BaaS provides high levels of security and risk management services, saving you from the extra burden of crisis address and data recovery in case of a problem.

Analytics and Disaster Recovery

Mobile application analytics are tough to gather by yourself, but their power cannot be underestimated. With BaaS, you have a ready system in place to gather your system metrics and analytics. This is precious data, because you can study it and mould your product for the better. At the same time, BaaS carries with itself inherent features that make it essential to protect data in case of disaster or outages because it mitigates the efficacy of disaster including agents.

BaaS is a novel way of getting ahead of the competition and scaling through to the next echelons of business. Contact OptimusMobility to get to know more about BaaS and its benefits. With quality resources and expert professionals, we can guide you through the process of making your mobile applications successful.