Mid-Year Review from Optimus

2012_flickr_photojenni-150x150 Mid-Year Review from Optimus

Mid Year Review at Optimus

As we approach mid year, a lot of good things are happening to outsourcing in general and Optimus in particular.

Today, with more than 40 clients, most of them in a long-term relationship with us, we are looking forward to the second half of 2012 where we expect to see a continuation of the following trends.

First, clients are looking for vendors who are keen to work in a collaborative mode and are ready to be part of one team. Secondly, clients are looking for vendors to deal with some of the ambiguity which they face in their day-to day business lives. This needs thought leadership and proximity to clients. At the same time, clients are looking for cost efficiency. All of this fits well with our integrated delivery model where part of the execution is close to the client’s location and part of the execution is in lower cost geographies.

Another trend is occurring in regards to user’s expectations. Due to their exposure to social media (eg. Facebook) and mobile devices (eg. the iPad), clients have become more demanding in terms of usability, user interface, social media integrations, and mobility. This is challenging many traditional vendors who are used to only offering back-end support services. Our approach of providing a strong front-end, social media integrations, and mobile capabilities, coupled with our enterprise-grade software development and testing experiences, are helping us in this emerging trend.

Last but not the least, with so much data being produced through increased availability to external sources and the cost of computing coming down, there are interesting possibilities for each company to gather more data and go deeper into analyzing it. This is again becoming a mainstream need.

I look forward to hearing your views on some of the trends and how we can succeed together.

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