Outsourced Software Testing at VanQ

VanQ Outsourced Software Testing at VanQ

VanQ: Outsourced Software Testing

Join us at VanQ’s event this month on February 24, 2011 to learn best practices when outsourcing software testing. Trevor Atkins, Principal Consultant at Professional Quality Assurance (PQA), will be sharing his experiences gained from over 14 years in various roles on software projects.

Excerpt from the abstract:
“In this presentation, we will use the software testing function of an organization to craft a multi-faceted sourcing solution model aimed at providing benefits on a combination of fronts including cost efficiency, capacity scalability, optimized communication, domain expertise capture/retention, specialized skills access, centralized strategic planning and accountability, etc.”

For more information, please visit the VanQ website and don’t forget to RSVP.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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