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Outsourcing Business Intelligence: Hybrid Onshore-Offshore Delivery

I have been involved in many outsourced business intelligence projects for our customers with the full range of delivery models from onsite, offsite, offshore and hybrid. While there are still good reasons to choose each of these models, I find the hybrid model tends to work best.

At Optimus, the different deliver models typically work as follows:

  • Onsite: 100% work done at the client’s location
  • Offsite: almost 100% work done at our local office
  • Offshore: 95% work done at our offshore delivery center
  • Hybrid: 30% work done locally and 70% work is done in our offshore delivery center

The final quality of the work is the same for each delivery model.

However, I have noticed that the hybrid approach brings a significant benefit to our customers.

The main benefits are as follows:

  1. Lower Cost
  2. Quick Delivery Cycles
  3. Partner that takes greater ownership of projects and client’s risk
  4. Economies of scale, expertise, and best practices
  5. Increased flexibility

How Hybrid Onshore-Offshore Works

outsourced-bi-hybrid-delivery Outsourcing Business Intelligence: Hybrid Onshore-Offshore Delivery

We apply agile development methods to business intelligence to deliver on hybrid onshore-offshore projects.

Our local team starts with evaluation and planning of the technology, tools, architecture with your key team members and other stakeholders. A list of the project items is created based on the high-level requirements. These requirements are then fleshed out in the project backlog. The items in the backlog are then arranged in sprints based on priority and timelines.

The Optimus local team then performs interviews with the client teams and end users to document detailed requirements.

With detailed requirements in place, the offshore team starts the work on the design and development. The testing team is involved from the early cycle to receive quick feedback and plan the next delivery cycles. We perform daily scrum meeting to go over feedback and review sessions with the onsite team, offshore team and client team(if needed).

Once the delivery of the sprint is tested by offshore team, it is handed over to the onsite team to perform a walkthrough with the client team. The client team performs the final testing and the delivery item is deployed to the production environment.

This process allows client-facing elements of the projects to be performed during the business hours (local time zone) with the client. Elements that don’t require client interaction, like development and testing, are performed overnight at our facility in Noida, India.

In some cases, you can even give feedback at the end of the day and see it implemented the next morning.

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