Five Points to Evaluate a Software Testing and QA Company

Choosing the right QA company for your software is a mammoth task.There are hundreds of things that can go wrong – from unwanted mishaps to security breaches. By following a few guidelines, you will be able to choose the right software testing and QA vendors for your product.

A quick Google search will show you that there are hundreds of cheap and free software testing vendors in the market, all of them equally boastful about their quality assurance capabilities. It is truly a difficult task to weed out the fakes and incompetents in the list. There are, however, a few pointers that you should always check for in a good QA company. This is not a hard and fast checklist, but a guide to gauge the competency of your prospective testers to see whether they are up to the job. The point is to not be coaxed into going for a service that charges you less per hour and ends up being massively expensive through troubleshooting and recovery costs. Here are a few tips to help you make the decision:

Specialization and Experience

Opting for a exclusive testing and QA Company rather than one that provides development, testing and maintenance as a whole is advisable. This is because core software testers are generally more adept at handling unique testing scenarios. Also, you can greatly benefit from the financial and strategic flexibilities on demand testing provides. Research your prospective company thoroughly. Look at their experience and previous clients. Go for a company with a proven track record.


Security measures should be implemented at various levels of the facilities of the outsourcing provider that include physical security, networking, database security and ad hoc security projects based on specific project. The other aspect of security is intellectual property protection. QA and testing outsourcing providers have to protect all PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION (PII) given by clients or otherwise obtained in the course of outsourcing engagements and treat it as proprietary and/or trade secrets. Make sure that the company has watertight non-disclosure agreements, intellectual property protection and employee confidentiality agreements.


Make sure that the testing company has the necessary and sufficient infrastructure to tackle your software. This includes all the equipment ranging from computers to specific tools for performance, functionality and application testing. Every software has unique testing infrastructure requirements – while some require extensive compatibility testing and back-end database systems, others require testing in production sized environment closely resembling the intended product environment. Make sure all the test scenarios and procedures are certified and standardized according to the governing authorities.

Flexibility and Scalability

Flexibility and scalability is important to ensure that fluctuations in scales and timelines can be dealt with. For example, during cases like new version releases, growing regression test demands, revised testing commitments after system improvement, etc. require flexibility from the service provider. The provider must have an organizational capacity large enough to contain further scalability scenarios. Thus a client must check that if the testing requirements change with time, the provider is adept to handle them.

Communication and Management

The testing provider must have seamless lines of communication with the client. This is so important that the trustworthiness of a company can be evaluated on their effective communication. These channels of communication range from the executive managements of the client and the testing company, the software development team and the on-site testing team. The other part of trustworthiness is configuration management. For a long lasting relationship with a client, the testing company should have a comprehensive change and configuration management system so as to grow with the client.

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