Reverse Engineering, Web Applications, and Software Testing

Screenshot-0012-300x135 Reverse Engineering, Web Applications, and Software Testing

We have just published several new case studies on reverse engineering, web application development and software testing. Read our case studies here to see how we have helped clients in Vancouver overcome challenges and improve their offerings.

One client had a powerful web application that had gone through many iterations. The application had been developed by numerous developers and did not have consistent documentation. Read how we conducted reverse engineering to thoroughly document the application. The client is now able to quickly train new developers and increase their development speed.

A different client provides customized web services and solutions. While their core services expanded over the years, their web interface had fallen behind. Their challenge was that their development team was focused on their core services. We now work closely with their design and development team as their web application development partner. This relationship benefits the client by giving them access to a flexible technology team.

Another client required software testing services. They had developed powerful video analytics software and needed to conduct QA testing to ensure it was ready for market. Read how we setup a comprehensive software testing process so that our client was able to guarantee their software. The client has since been able to increase development speed because issues are quickly identified and their development team can focus on improving the software.

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