Showcasing User Interfaces with inVision and AirServer

Showcasing the completed prototype of the user interface is an important step in the development process. It gives you a chance to be absolutely sure that we are building an app that conforms to your vision and a chance to spot major oversights before writing a single line of code.

In an earlier post, I wrote how we use Balsamiq in order to give a taste of what the user experience of the app will be like. When it is time to finalize the UI ahead of development, we use another great tool that allows you to experience how the app will work. The tool is called inVision.

Showcasing the UI of an application is most easily done by showing images through a computer monitor. Although this can work decently, images displayed through computer monitors can be tricky to interpret especially when it comes to the size of elements. The larger scale on the computer monitor can make something look okay when in fact it is too small when displayed in the mobile application.

To solve this problem, we use inVision which gives you an interactive prototype of what the application will look like. This lets you interact with the UI using a physical device without having to create a single line of code.

The inVision app is extremely useful when showcasing the UI to a single stakeholder, but what happens when you are in a conference room and have 20 stakeholders and you don’t have 20 physical devices?

AirServer to the rescue.

AirServer allows us to mirror the inVision prototype on our iPhones to a Mac where we can then share the prototype to a room full of stakeholders through a projector or through conference calling screen share capabilities.

The usage of these two tools gives our UI/UX services a more interactive way of showcasing what we do.

Here at OptimusMobility we work with you to make your mobile vision a reality. Contact us if you have any questions and take advantage of our free one-hour consultation.

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