Software Testing a Growing Career Option

While software testing was once just a subset of software development, and an afterthought with testers cleaning up after developers, software testing is now a solid career in its own right, estimated to reach $50 billion by 2020 from $30 billion in 2012. Expected to capture the majority of the business, India should have 55% of the booming software testing market by that time.

lightbulb-225x300 Software Testing a Growing Career Option

Software testing has become more challenging than ever before, with the rise of mobile technologies and big data and technologies like cloud. Because of this shift, the field now requires broader talents than it’s demanded in the past, with employers requiring everything from test automation to big data testing to selenium and mobile testing.

Testers are now expected to have a larger skill set with broad skills across a variety of platforms and specialties, including mobile. They are also expected to have broad, non-technical skills, like communication, critical thinking, and analytical skills. A great tester gives developers the feedback they require, in the right way, and at the right time. Positive reinforcement is touted as very important on many software testing blogs, as testers are often the bearers of bad news and must be able to disseminate information in a way that will make developers understand and be open to the conversation.

Skills required of software testers, in addition to technological knowledge, should include communication skills, an analytical mindset, the ability to think logically, a positive attitude, and don’t forget those programming skills!

Software testing is a fascinating career for those who love being exposed to the latest software and adding their two cents. It can be highly intellectual, as analytical skills must be employed to find issues and bugs that others wouldn’t have the patience for. There is ample opportunity to grow in this field, and enough work in the future that software testers will be able to find their niche market and specialize in the area to which they are the most drawn to, whether it be big data, mobile, or something else entirely.

This is a fast-changing industry, which is experiencing global influence and trends, and as it grows, there is monumental opportunity for those interested in building their career in an interesting area.

Software testing is indeed a growing sector. IT contractors are currently seeing an increase in fields including web development, testing, but in particular, software testing, which is the bright spot, as demand in the economy has spiked quickly and unexpectedly in 2012, with opportunities increasing as we move through 2013.

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