The Costs of Software Development

Integrating Software Testing and Development

costs-of-software-development-and-testing-300x225 Integrating Software Testing and Development

Don’t flush money down the drain. Coordinate your development and testing cycles.

In any software product, quality is commonly recognized as lack of bugs. This is expressed as the reliability of software or defect rate.

To survive in a hyper competitive environment, many software organizations are now focused on integrating software testing and development through a Quality of Service based approach towards the development and testing process.

Benefits of the Quality of Service approach:

  • Save time and money by identifying defects early
  • Identify and catalog reusable modules and components
  • Avoid or reduce development downtime
  • Provide better customer service by building a better application
  • Build a list of desired modifications and enhancements for later versions
  • Identify areas where programmers and developers need training
  • Enhance user satisfaction based on their requirements

How does one ensure that the development and testing process is both cost and time effective?

Optimization is the Key!

The product development life cycle consists of multiple complex phases. The output of previous phase is the input to the next phase and every deliverable has certain quality attributes; therefore, the testing process holds the key to success of the product in the market.

Since time is always in short supply, optimized testing is paramount. As shown in Figure 1 below, every phase in the software development process is accompanied by elements of software testing.

For example, in the Detailed Requirements phase of the development process, one should also design a testing strategy, test analysis and design plan. These should be derived from user interviews and followed by a requirements testability review. There are many software testing types that help companies get through the software testing process.

Software-Development-and-Testing-Process1 Integrating Software Testing and Development

Figure 1. – Software Development and Testing process done in parallel.

Ultimately the purpose of implementing the testing process along with the development process is to save the team effort, time and money. During this process, it is important to identify someone to drive the implementation, identify the scope, define an implementation plan and monitor the roll out.

All of this is usually best covered with a small software testing pilot project before any organization wide roll outs are considered. This enables a company to test this approach on a small scale, so adjustments can be made where necessary before rolling out the process across the company.

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