5 Case Studies on Outsourced Report Development

MS-Gold-Partner-Data-Platform-1024x432 5 Case Studies on Outsourced Report Development

As the only Microsoft Gold Partner on the Data Platform in Western Canada, we have helped many clients outsource report development.

Since companies use multiple systems for different business functions and each of these systems have a database, data needs to be gathered, combined, and compared. This provides an opportunity to gain valuable insights into the market, the customers, and the core business.

Here are five case studies describing the outsourced report development services we’ve provided in the last few months:

  1. See how we developed reports for Microsoft Dynamics AX using Microsoft’s SSRS (Case Study).
  2. See how we helped a client migrate reports from Crystal Reports to SSRS (Case Study).
  3. See how we used SharePoint, PerformancePoint, and SSRS to create a web-based reporting portal (Case Study).
  4. See how we helped a client extract more data from their system by building an external reporting solution (Case Study).
  5. See how we partnered with a software development company to enhance their reporting offering (Case Study).
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How Does Outsourced Report Development Work?

Report development as a managed service means our clients have on-demand access to a diverse reporting team. Although we are a MS partner, we have extensive expertise on other proprietary and open source platforms.

As explained in my previous blog on “Benefits of Report Development as a Managed Service” our clients receive the following benefits:

  • Overhead cost control
  • Agile report development process
  • Access to experts on multiple platforms
  • No risk of losing skills from staff turnover
  • Continuous availability and on demand bandwidth
  • Industry standard IT governance
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Due to the advancement in technologies these reports, dashboards, and scorecards can be:

  • Published to smart phones and tablets
  • Published to emails as attachments
  • Published to a web portal
  • Published within a third party application
  • Scheduled to run automatically
  • Run on-demand

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These days IT department in big organizations are seen as service centres. Whether they provide services in house or outsource to a vendor, IT departments charge back the expense to the divisions or departments for which the services are performed.

Business Intelligence vendors like Optimus provide managed services to provide benefits to these organizations. If you would like to learn more about our report development process and experience, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to sit down and discuss your needs.

New Case Study: Social Media Platform Development

We have just added a new case study on Social Media Platform Development.

Leveraging the power of social networks is an excellent method of building interest in your brand. We’ve worked with clients to integrate social networks with their websites and applications.

Here’s a short excerpt from the case study.

The Client:
The client has a social media platform that allows users to setup personalized tribute websites. The platform is integrated with social media platforms like Facebook.

The client had developed their platform with a previous vendor and now needed to improve the functionality, design and integration with other platforms.

Optimus helped the client with speed, flexibility, and scalability using a very cost efficient and agile process. The on-going relationship allows the client to continuously improve their product with rapid development, testing and deployment.

You can read the full case study on social media platform development here. If you would like to see how Optimus has worked with other clients, read more of our case studies.

To learn how Optimus can help you integrate your website or application with social media platforms, email us at

Agile Software Testing by Optimus

We have just updated our case studies to include the latest agile software testing services we’ve provided in Vancouver.

Agile software testing is a iterative software development process that consists of frequent build cycles and evolving requirements. By establishing a collaborative team of business analysts, software developers, and software testers, our clients have been able increase speed without affecting quality.

Our partnerships with clients give them access to a flexible, scalable, and reliable technology partner. This relationship enables our clients to react quickly to market trends and scale resources during business or development cycles.

To download our latest case study on agile software testing, click here.

To learn how Optimus can become an extension of your technology team, email us at