Optimus Breakfast Event – Do’s and Don’ts of Software Outsourcing Video

Missed our last event? View the video below to watch the entire presentation, panel discussion and audience questions.

On Tuesday, November 17 , 2015, Optimus Information hosted our second Breakfast Series event of the year. Hosted at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Vancouver, this early morning event brought together over 60 local technology professionals to form a captivating discussion on the Do’s and Don’ts of Software Outsourcing.

Pankaj Agarwal, Founder and Managing Partner of Optimus Information, led a discussion on software outsourcing with the following panelists:

Ralph Turfus,  Entrepreneur, Investor and ex-CEO, Class Software
Peter Lukomskyj, VP, Products, Elastic Path Software
Benjamin Terrill, VP of Customer Success, Mobify

Web-Based Visual Analytics: BI in the Cloud

Our business intelligence team has put together this short video describing how OptimusBI can create web-based visual analytics of databases using open source tools.

In this example we used a publicly available database that measures bird strikes against airplanes around major airports. Then, by graphing that data, we were able to visually determine which times, days, and seasons had the highest frequency of bird strikes.

In order to create this example, we used open sources tools and installed the interface on the cloud. That way our clients are able to log in from any web-browser to view their latest business intelligence.

If you would like to learn how Optimus can setup a cloud based business intelligence system for your organization, email us at

Free Open Source Business Intelligence on the Cloud

Here’s a video of Jaspersoft’s CEO and VP of Marketing explaining the cost and infrastructure benefits of moving open source business intelligence on the cloud.

The ability to gain better insight into data has long been the goal of business intelligence. Recently, the power of cloud computing has made it possible for that insight to be available to anyone with an internet connection and web browser. By using Amazon Web Services cloud computing, MySQL and open source BI platforms like Jaspersoft and Pentaho, analyzing your data is both simple and efficient. Scripts have been written to automatically retrieve up-to-date data from the source and store it in a MySQL database on the cloud.

Software like Jaspersoft updates reports from MySQL data automatically, allowing the user more time for actual analysis. Visualizations that match the needs of analysis are also generated and updated in real time on the cloud, allowing the analyst access with any web browser. Using open source software and expertise from the field of visual analytics, OptimusBI will soon be providing business intelligence services on the cloud.

These three screenshots illustrate how business intelligence works with Jaspersoft on the cloud.

S1-300x195 Free Open Source Business Intelligence on the Cloud

S2-300x188 Free Open Source Business Intelligence on the Cloud

S3-300x184 Free Open Source Business Intelligence on the Cloud

What is Facebook Places?

Watch this Apple-like video from Facebook that explains their new location based service, Facebook Places. Essentially, it allows users to tag their pictures, comments, and status updates to physical locations that can be revisited by their friends or themselves years down the road. You can also use the service to see where you friends are now and which hang-outs they frequent.

This powerful feature has been in the works for years at Facebook and everyone is excited to see it finally launch. The adoption of location based services like Gowalla and Foursquare proved that people were ready to share their physical location with their friends and family. Now that Facebook has opened the door, expect to see a rush of people (and advertisers) jumping onto the location bandwagon.

When setting up ‘Places’ on your Facebook account, be sure you fully understand the privacy settings.

SilkStart – A Private Marketplace for Associations

silkstart SilkStart – A Private Marketplace for AssociationsI sat down with Daniel Chu, the co-founder of SilkStart, to discuss his latest venture.

SilkStart is a social marketplace that enables associations to add value for their members by making it easy to network and find opportunities. By leveraging the power of the association’s members, the private marketplace becomes a reliable source for building relationships and finding trustworthy partners.

SilkStart is a powerful private social network for associations because they can setup their network to be either completely public, private, or a hybrid. This exclusivity assures members that people within the marketplace are the same caliber as the association itself.

The other killer feature of SilkStart is the marketplace which is currently not being demoed on their public beta site. This feature enables members to offer products and services to other members. By bringing this functionality within a private social network, members have confidence that they’re working with professionals. Much like Ebay’s seller rating system, user’s will be able to see which members have received positive feedback from other people they’ve worked with.

I met Daniel a few weeks ago at a TiE event. He immediately struck me as an excited entrepreneur with a lot of passion behind his idea. Since then I’ve discovered he’s a very hardworking young entrepreneur that will make a big impression on the local industry.

Embedded below is my interview with Daniel in which he shares why he started SilkStart.

Beanbills: Moving Accounts Payable into the Cloud

We sat down with Jarrod Levitan, the CEO and founder of Bean Services, to discuss his cloud based accounts payable solution called Beanbills.

Beanbills is a web-based application that simplifies the complex process of approving invoices.

Jarrod and his team not only develop the latest tools, but they use the latest tools and techniques to reach their audience. I asked Jarrod how they use social media and blogging to reach their clients and he provided his insight.

At Bean Services, they use a tool from HubSpot to monitor the social media ecosystem. I’ve used the website grader before but had never seen HubSpot in action. After the interview, Jarrod gave me a quick demonstration of how HubSpot helps his business and I was very impressed.

We’ve been working with Bean Services for several months and are proud to be their outsourcing partner.

Innovative Social Media Campaign by Old Spice

Old Spice is currently running an innovative online advertising campaign. They have setup a recording studio with their lead actor and a team of social media experts.

The social media experts put out some messages yesterday to entice users to ask the old-spice character questions. They have been selecting questions from Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and other social networks. They choose which ones to respond to based on the quality of the question or the influence of the person asking.

Some notable responses have been to Twitter, Starbucks, Ashton Kutcher, The Huffington Post, and Alyssa Milano.

Apparently they spent 11 hours in the studio yesterday and are well into another full day today. The team must be exhausted as yesterday they released over 70 videos and generated millions of views.

The video below is their response to Digg co-founder, Kevin Rose:

CIO of the US Says Yes to Cloud Computing

The CIO of the United States, Vivek Kundra, believes the US should modernize its infrastructure by adopting cloud computing.

He argues that government IT is outdated. Agencies are not collaborating efficiently and government workers are often not working on the same platforms at work as they are at home.

Vivek believes that cloud-based data centers can help drive interoperability between agencies. By establishing core standards, stakeholders and constituents would have better access to data.

Watch his full keynote embedded below.

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What do the biggest players think of Cloud Computing?

GigaOM’s Structure 2010 has come to an end. Structure 2010 hosted some of the biggest names in cloud computing. If you didn’t get a chance to view the presentations and panels live, you can view the recordings below.

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Watch live streaming video from gigaomtv at


Cloud Computing Companies Share Experiences

GigaOm is hosting their 3rd annual cloud computing conference called Structure 2010. This year they have brought in speakers from IBM, VMWare, SalesForce, Amazon, Facebook, Stanford University and many more to present their experiences integrating cloud computing technologies.

Cloud computing has caught the technology world’s imagination. At Structure 2010, we celebrate cloud computing and recognize that it is just one part of the fabric that makes up the global computer infrastructure we rely on daily. From broadband to hardware and software, we look at the whole picture and predict the directions the industry will take.

You can watch live streaming video from the keynote presentations below:

Watch live streaming video from gigaomtv at

As a company with offices in Canada and India, we at Optimus are proponents of cloud computing. Through OptimusCloud we offer a host of cloud computing services as we’ve worked with clients to develop and migrate infrastructure and applications into cloud environments.

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