Trip to India: Our Global Delivery Center in Noida

Optimus-Team-Noida-300x210 Trip to India: Our Global Delivery Center in Noida

Team Optimus in Noida

I recently returned after spending two weeks at our Global Delivery Center in India. It was a great opportunity to spend time with the team, work on projects with them, and learn the challenges and opportunities they’re facing. It was 44 degrees Celsius in Delhi so I stayed inside the office for most of the day and evening, making my visit even more productive.

The visit itself reinforced the merit of our business model which revolves around hybrid delivery. We focus on providing a strong local presence and an equally strong offshore presence with both teams working closely and seamlessly with clients.

As many of you know, our three engines of growth are software development, software testing and business analytics. We are able to implement our “local presence, global delivery” model to all three engines. Our salient points of unified reporting, single point of client ownership and speed with quality are resonating well with clients.

Also, more clients of ours are expanding their relationship with us. For example, testing clients are engaging with us for software development and business analytics while software development clients have started to use our testing services. This is an efficient model as initial investment in client specific knowledge, process, and relationship is amortized over a bigger base.

We look forward to hearing more from you and how we can help you with your technology needs.

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