City of Vancouver 311 Calls Breakdown Demo

Purpose of Demo:

The purpose of this demo is to show some of the simple functionality of Power BI and what it can do. You will see how a data set can be imported and easily transformed into clear and intelligible visualizations.


311 is the direct number for the City of Vancouver (CoV). It’s used by residents of Vancouver when they have municipality-related questions, concerns or complaints.

When calls are received by CoV, information about each call is logged, tracked and stored in a data set. We have imported this data into Power BI so it can be processed and accessed in a convenient, intelligible and practical way. 

This data is publicly available through the City of Vancouver.


Click through the different pages using the arrows at the bottom of the dashboard.

Each page shows you a different dashboard:

    1. Locations of Incidences
    2. Top 10 Case Types
    3. Top 10 Locales
    4. Top 10 Departments

    Page 1 is an overview. It shows a list of incident types, where the incident originated, the department that is responsible and when the call was made. The sunburst charts are interactive and allow you to drill down.

    Page 2 shows the top 10 Case Types, or type of call, that are received by CoV and when they were made. The size of the box correlates to the number of calls that have been received. This is further broken down by location in the lower right.

    Page 3 shows which locations made the most calls to 311 and when they were made. This is further broken down by Department in the lower right.

    Page 4 shows which departments received the most number of calls and when they were made.