Connected Intelligence through Exponential Ecosystems — Mobile Future Forward

Connected Intelligence through Exponential Ecosystems

That’s the theme of this year’s Mobile Future Forward gathering in Seattle this October. Visionaries, developers, CEOs of tech firms – essentially, “the best and the brightest” in mobile technology – will be attending, and so will Optimus Information.

“We’re thrilled to be involved in this symposium because we’ll be collaborating with some of the greatest minds that are helping organizations to see future possibilities with mobile applications ” said Ryan O’Connor, Optimus’s Chief Technical Strategist.

This is the symposium’s ninth year.  Time magazine referred to Mobile Future Forward as “one of the most important mobile conferences in the industry”.

The growing popularity of the event is a testament to how quickly mobile technology is changing our world.

In large part, the rapid changes are the result of different technologies combining and connecting to produce new and exciting developments – connected intelligence, in other words.


Collision and Collaboration

Chetan Sharma, one of MFF’s organizers, says ecosystems like 5G, Blockchain, IoT and others are “exponential in themselves”, but it’s when they “collide and collaborate to give birth to something new and unexpected” that exciting things happen. He says it’s “at the edges” where the breakthroughs are happening. Like the nature of technology ecosystems today, the breakthroughs are exponential, as well.

mobilefutureforward Connected Intelligence through Exponential Ecosystems — Mobile Future Forward


A Feast of Information

Mobile Future Forward is a one-day event that packs in an enormous amount of information on topics such as the future of AI, Machine Learning and Robotics, Monetizing and Scaling the IIoT Wave, Transforming Healthcare and the Future of Cybersecurity. Meaty topics, for sure!

There is no question that we’re living at a time of enormous, often transformative, change as technology impacts more and more areas in our daily lives. Optimus is thrilled to be part of this technological “world of wonder” and we are looking forward to being involved in the action in Seattle.


Our Special Offer

As a special offer to our customers, Optimus is taking $100 off the entry price — we want as many of you to be there with us as possible!

You can register below, including code OPTIMUS when you complete the form, and you’ll automatically receive the reduced rate.


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