Agile End-to-End Testing of RevenueWire eCommerce Platform

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The Client

Our client helps companies grow their businesses online by optimizing every phase of the transaction lifecycle. Their eCommerce and marketing channels provide world class services. The platform allows companies to sell in over 120 countries worldwide with multiple currencies, languages and payment options.

The Challenge

Our client needed a testing partner that could help them find major bugs in the application. The application involved complex algorithms.

Why Optimus

Our client was looking for a partner that could learn the application in a short amount of time and perform end to end testing.

The Process

  1. Screen sharing and video chat was done to show issues.
  2. Provided daily overlap time with our client’s team in form of daily scrums and follow ups.
  3. Updated existing test cases as per the enhancements.
  4. Reported and tracked bugs until closure.
  5. Suggested the priority of testing tasks for application modules and followed through the regression cycle before each major release.
  6. Tested custom enhancements to the application as required by our client.
  7. Created detailed test cases using the use cases specified for each module of the application.

How Optimus Helped

  1. We quickly understood the complex functionality of the application.
  2. Our team adapted to the client’s processes, allowing the client to maintain their practices.
  3. We discovered major bugs which would have been found by end users if the product was delivered as it was.
  4. Our team adjusted working hours in order to complete test scenarios and remain available for client calls.
  5. We reported test results on a daily basis, helping our client to develop trust through testing processes and allow for an efficient delivery.
  6. We helped our client gain confidence in the application and deliver the product with minimal defects.

Technologies Used

Confluence, JIRA, GoTo Meeting