Data Driven Automation for Large Retailer Case Study

The Client

The client is the Canadian subsidiary of a large online and brick-and-mortar box store retailer.

The Challenge

The client was looking to better understand the automation possibilities of their existing test cases in order to reduce overhead and save costs. They needed some consulting help to determine the best approach for their situation.

The client’s user interface changed frequently, so UI automation was not appropriate. The most efficient automation solution would then have to involve transactions at one level below the UI to enhance reusability.

The Process

  1. Understand the application and test scenarios to be automated.
  2. Propose solution with Java and the TestNG framework.
  3. Automate test scenarios as proposed.
  4. Share test results and scripts.

How Optimus Helped

In order to help our client understand the value and possibilities of automated testing, OptimusQA’s team followed these steps:

  1. Proposed Java as the language most suitable to automate the scenarios.
  2. Generated “Get” and “Post” requests through http, parsed the response and then added assertions to validate success or failure at different levels.
  3. Demonstrated how to use a data-driven framework for automation without having to hard code any values in the code.
  4. Reported test results in HTML using the TestNG framework.

The client realized the value of this approach and is looking at implementing it in all of their retail sites.