Data Management and Report Development Case Study

The Client

The client is a global leader in the social gaming industry and is home to some of Facebook’s most popular and entertaining games.

Analyzing gaming data is an invaluable competitive advantage for this client helping them design new revenue-generating features and to attract more users.

The Challenge

Our client was experiencing an exponential increase in users. It was vital to manage the increasing data with an optimized database schema. Additionally, the client wanted to use the data to guide the design of new features and seasonal games.

Key Challenges

– Not able to normalize the incoming datas there was no proper database structure.

– Database was not scalable.

– No reporting system in place to identify and improve online games performance during peak hours.

– There was a need for graphical visualization of abundant data.

– The data was generated from various sources that resulted in the inconsistency and fragmentation of user data.

The Process

  1. Design database schema for the cloud.
  2. Pull data from existing systems before cleaning and transforming the data.
  3. Load data into the new database.
  4. Build the reports.

How Optimus Helped

Our client was assisted by our technical experts to design and improve on the database schema. Our client also saw an opportunity to use their cloud infrastructure as a means to achieve database scalability. Once the database schema was designed, the data was cleaned and imported into their cloud infrastructure.

The new database became a single source of accurate information for master data that informed decision making resulting in a competitive advantage that allowed the company to pursue strategic initiatives with greater confidence.

By using Vertica DBMS, we helped to set up an open source reporting portal on their cloud. We then developed graphical reports that helped our client understand their users’ activities, likes and dislikes, and peak hour game performance. Reports were developed with superior query optimization techniques to run on the real time game and revenue data.

Our client was able to plan in-game promotions and build revenue-generating features that enhanced gaming performance. By choosing Optimus to help consult and deliver improved data management and reporting services, the online gaming client took major strides towards its goal of becoming a high-performance business.