Embedding Reports Into ERP Systems Case Study

The Client

The client provides resource planning and management software solutions for industries such as: Forestry, Agriculture, Bio-energy, and Environment & Land Conservation.

Powerful reporting improved their planning and management modules.

The Challenge

Our client was looking to add reporting functionality to their ERP applications in order to enhance the value of their software and to differentiate their ERP solution from the competition.

The client’s needed to outsource the report development and the subsequent embedding of the customized reports into their ERP.

Key Challenges

– Maintaining Oracle and MS SQL expertise in-house was a challenge for the client.

– Meeting the differing needs of the customer base.

– Meeting the tight deadline as an application sale depended on the new reporting features.

The Process

  1. Understand the business process and functions.
  2. Document and validate business logic.
  3. Build the reports.
  4. Assist with report deployment into the ERP application.

How Optimus Helped

Optimus initiated the project with a discovery phase where knowledge transfer workshops were held with the client. Optimus’ team consisted of report developers with both Oracle and SQL expertise.

Once the knowledge transfer was complete, Optimus started report development on the most frequently-used ERP components. The client was then able to deploy these reports to their wide install base. Over a period of time, Optimus gained in-depth knowledge of the ERP database design. This helped speed up development and delivery of customized reports.

The client experienced a significant increase in demand of their ERP applications. By outsourcing report development to Optimus, the client was able to receive benefits such as access to experts, continuous resource availability, on-demand bandwidth, insurance against critical staff turnover, and overhead cost control.

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