Facebook Game Interface and End-User Testing Case Study

The Client

The client is a leading developer of social media games that provide engaging user experiences.

They are consistently searching for innovative ways to deliver quality products that keep players entertained and engaged.

The Challenge

Our client had developed a casino game for Facebook and was searching for an independent QA team to provide interface and end-user testing.

The project required high-level testing under the client’s direction as well as exploratory testing through regular usage.

This team needed to initiate testing immediately after a quick demonstration of the game. The idea was for the QA team to have the same user experience as end-users.

Key Challenges

– Lack of clear descriptions of in-game business logic and value calculations.

– Unstable system build.

– Absence of specific documentation determining whether defects were part of the system or UI.

The Process

  1. Study the code.
  2. Create test cases and data.
  3. Execute and validate the results.

How Optimus Helped

The OptimusQA team worked closely with the client’s development team to address reported issues and conduct testing. We held daily meetings with the client’s development team to ensure that our testing focus was on track.

OptimusQA helped with the following tasks:

  • Processing test cases based on game operation and data range categories.
  • Researching casino games to understand calculations of different factors and detecting losses incurred in some reward schemes.
  • Conducting testing on multiple browsers to ensure that all GUI issues were captured in testing.
  • Reporting identified issues daily.
  • Planning daily tasks based on the development team’s process.

After the OptimusQA team completed testing on the system build, our client was able to deliver a high-quality and engaging product.