Functional and Database Testing Case Study

The Client

The client is one of the largest providers of resource planning and management software solutions to the Forestry, Agriculture, Bioenergy, Environment and Land Conservation industries.

The Challenge

Our client’s software provides critical business functions that act to strengthen the supply chain. It consists of multiple modules, frameworks, and business intelligence components.

Our client sought to gain more confidence in their product while increasing their release frequency. They also provided maintenance support to their customers resulting in frequent development and deployment of service packs.

In order to meet their goals in time, the client needed a QA partner who could quickly learn the functional aspects of their products and become self-sufficient in a short period of time delivering quality service without impacting the client’s own team.

The Process

  1. Annual end-to-end testing.
  2. Maintenance packs are released to major customers.
  3. Testing is done on the client’s servers comparing defects to previous releases.
  4. Major issues are discussed and resolved over screen sharing.

How Optimus Helped

Optimus provided the testing support the client needed in order to deliver a more reliable product.

  • Optimus quickly learned the testing process followed by the client and integrated the Optimus team seamlessly with the client team.
  • Optimus provided functional testing and support for troubleshooting and database testing. This freed up the client’s team to focus on other critical areas.
  • Optimus also provided support for end-user documents.

The documentation of test scenarios at the initial level of development assisted in reducing the iterations in resolving issues. This documentation allowed the development team to visualize user scenarios which ultimately prevented unexpected downstream errors and disruption in the client’s plans.

In addition, the number of service packs needed for maintenance support were also reduced.

With the help of OptimusQA, a smooth plan was created and is now adhered to. The client has been able to confidently shorten their release cycles while improving quality.