iPad Ebook Content Implementation Case Study

The Client

The client is an iPad development team that created a robust platform for reading, sharing and creating children’s books on the iPad.

The Challenge

Our client has an interactive children’s book platform for the iPad. Their application allows users to flip through custom children’s books complete with sound, animations, and choose-your-own-adventure-style logic.

Our client needed a partner that could migrate the new content into the application’s customized framework as authors and designers release new books. The partner had to provide flexibility letting them quickly scale operations up and down.

Key Challenges

– Learning the client’s custom framework.

– Ensuring the books were implemented as per original author’s designs.

The Process

  1. Learn proprietary platform.
  2. Migrate designs to iPad app content.
  3. Test to ensure implementation matches original design.
  4. Deploy content to the app store.

How Optimus Helped

Optimus was first provided access to the client’s platform documentation and a sample ebook. From there, we were able to estimate the time it would take us to understand the framework and integrate the first ebook.

After our estimate was approved, we began work on our first ebook. The client shared the designs and specifications and we started integrating the content into the iPad application. At first this was challenging as we had to learn the client’s proprietary framework, but we were able to ramp up quickly and successfully implement the new content.

Early on we shared our progress with the client so they could provide feedback. They were able to review quickly and give us some additional tips to ensure we were consistent with their coding style.

After we had completed our implementation and testing, we checked the updated code into their git repository for final review. Our client now has the confidence that they have a flexible, scalable partner that can help them speed up content migration during busy times.