Online PHP Reports for SaaS Accounts Payable Solution Case Study

The Client

The client provides a web-based portal that offers easy-to-use, cost-effective, and customizable accounts payable solutions tailored to businesses of varying sizes.

By minimizing chances of error in paper-based accounting, the service increases the productivity and profitability for its customers.

The Challenge

Our client provides a service that automates account payables while integrating with external third-party accounting packages.

This service is offered through an online portal. The current report showed features on our client’s portal that did not meet the growing requirements of their expanding business and customer base. They needed a new report module that would handle their business needs.

Key Challenges

– The report module needed to be customized to processes reports generated from data imported from various accounting packages.

– Certain customer-specific requirements needed to be handled by custom reports based on a template provided by end-users. These templates needed to be implemented separately and accessible to specific users.

The Process

  1. Acquire domain knowledge and understand client systems.
  2. Design, generate and integrate reports into the accounting system.
  3. Process reports generated from data imported from accounting packages into the accounting system.
  4. Create reports from the accounting system.

How Optimus Helped

In order to meet the client’s needs, the Optimus team created and implemented the following:

  • A web-based data import utility that imported large volumes of data to a storage system via FTP. A GUI was built to feed the FTP credentials and control the process.
  • A set of reports which would be available to all end-customers by default. These reports could be accessed through links in the report module. The end-customers were also given the option to download the reports in PDF, CSV or Excel format using third-party libraries. They could also carry out a full text search on the data, and set up filters to qualify data to be included or excluded from the search using a GUI.
  • Dedicated releases to handle the end-customers’ report requirements.

The web-based reporting solution Optimus created for our client helped their team gain immediate insight into the status and issues related to their accounts payable under processing. This resulted in improved tracking of our client’s end-users’ transactions.