Outsourced Software Development Case Study

The Client

The client is one of the largest providers of resource planning and management software solutions to the forestry agriculture, bio-energy, environment and land conservation industries.

The Challenge

The client wanted a development partner that could provide flexible, scalable and cost-effective outsourcing services to their engineering team.

Due to the large and complex nature of their software, it was important for the partner to have a fast and effective knowledge transfer process.

The Process

  1. Learn about the application by working with the client’s team.
  2. Analyze requirements and develop test scenarios.
  3. Develop and test releases in tandem with the client.

How Optimus Helped

In order to rapidly learn from the client’s team and become self-sufficient, Optimus executed a four phase plan: knowledge acquisition, shadowing, transition and delivery.

This process ensured that Optimus’ team was able to learn from the client’s hands-on experience and quickly begin to work independently.

Optimus then established an agile development process that was efficient and measurable.

The client has been able to significantly speed up their delivery cycles and increase the scope of their releases.

Optimus’ experience with requirement analysis and test scenarios helped the client foresee issues before starting to code.

The client also benefited form a well-defined process for developing functional aspects of their product.