RDP Client for Mobile Devices Case Study

The Client

Our client is a provider of virtual machine management software. Their software is used by businesses looking to create reusable virtual machines hosted on-premise or in the cloud.

The Challenge

Our client was looking to develop a mobile RDP client in order to enable their users to initiate remote desktop sessions with their virtual machines. The client faced the challenge of scoping the project and identifying appropriate technologies and frameworks to use and/or license.

Key Challenges

– Needed to scope the requirements for their RDP solution.

– Needed to support Windows Phone, iOS, and Android.

– Needed to determine which RDP frameworks could be used.

How Optimus Helped

Optimus entered into a Discovery Phase in order to adequately scope out the project and develop an initial POC. The discovery phase ran 4-weeks and resulted in a series of deliverables: wireframes, technical design, proof-of-concept, and recommendations.

Optimus began by preparing the wireframes and user stories for the proposed mobile application. These requirements clarified the scope of the development project and end goals of each phase.

Then Optimus prepared the technical design which would support the proposed mobile application. This included the application level design, the system architecture, and the interfaces.

Early on it was identified that for Windows Phone the client would be able to use existing Microsoft licensed RDP clients; however, for the other platforms the frameworks had to be identified and tested. Optimus conducted this analysis, created a POC, and reported the results.

At the end of the discovery phase, the client had clear recommendations and technical clarity on how to proceed.