Report Development for Helm Fleet Management Software

The Client

The client develops fleet management software for the marine commercial transportation industry. The software helps workboat companies better organize their operations and optimize their business intelligence gathering.

The Challenge

The client wanted to create new reports and update existing reports with new functionalities, paramaters and columns as part of an update to their fleet management software for commercial marine vehicles. The reports are an important added value to their software product.

Key Challenges

– There was no available front end of the application.

– Requirements were not consistent.

The Process

  1. Group reports based on similar business logic.
  2. Learn business logic and document enhancements for discussion with the client.
  3. Update existing reports and develop new reports.
  4. Perform walkthrough with client and get sign-off.

How Optimus Helped

We started by meeting with the client to review the existing reports and examine the database to understand the business logic. We then started making changes to the report queries and validating them against the test cases provided by the client.

We then categorized the reports based on similar business logic and discussed some changes and improvements with the client.

After getting client approval, we started making changes to the existing reports.

The dialog with the client was important as it helped us better understand and document for the new reports which we then developed, demonstrated to the client and got sign-off.

Optimus delivered improved report performance through query optimization all while delivering fully documented reports and test cases on time.

The quick delivery ensured that the client was able to meet their release date and launch their software on time.

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