Resource management company outsources for the first time

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The Client

The client is a global leader in resource planning and management software solutions for forestry, agriculture, bioenergy, and environment & land conservation. Operating for over 20 years, their enterprise solutions help to eliminate information silos, improve communication between operations and standardize workflows.

The Business Need

The client was experiencing rapid growth and was struggling to keep up with the increasing demand for their software. In addition, they were moving to a newer platform to take advantage of the latest technology.

Because of their rapidly increasing workload, they required a development partner that could ramp up quickly and become operational ASAP.

In choosing the right partner, they wanted a company that could offer:

  • Local presence with global delivery
  • Flexible capacity at short notice
  • Trust and reliability
  • Improvement of their process

Once the development partner was properly onboarded, the range of work would expand to include all areas of their software projects.

The Challenges

The client was struggling with:

  • Anxiety from outsourcing for the first time
  • Concerns with achieving the same quality and productivity as their in-house team
  • Establishing expectations around quality and productivity
  • Uncertainty with measuring results
  • Communication between their various teams located in different offices

The Optimus Solution

Using Optimus’ proven framework, the Optimus team came up with an engagement model that would expedite the onboarding process. The steps included:

  1. Knowledge acquisition phase
  2. Shadow phase where the Optimus team mirrored the client’s internal team. This helped internalize the processes needed to meet the client’s expectations
  3. Transition phase where the Optimus team started working independently with occasional help from the existing team
  4. Delivery phase based on proactive analysis of requirements and close collaboration with the client team to resolve queries quickly

This engagement model used a unique combination of Agile supported by industry leading software and communication tools.

Optimus’ local experts meant communication was fast and responsive. The local team consisted of technical architects, account managers, business analysts, and UI/UX, so support was always available on demand.

Optimus was able to address all of the clients concerns in the following ways:

  • Demonstrating early wins to gain confidence
  • Engaging in communication at all levels of the client’s organization
  • Clear dashboard around pre-established measurable results
  • Weekly updates on what is and isn’t working
  • Having a strong executive sponsor on both sides
  • On-demand availability of resources during the client’s office hours

The Result

Within six weeks of starting the partnership, 80% of the client’s productivity and quality metrics were met by Optimus. Within 90 days, 100% of the metrics were met, and Optimus was fully integrated with the client’s internal team.

Since working with Optimus, the client has been able to significantly:

  • Speed up their delivery cycles
  • Improve quality of their product
  • Have resource elasticity
  • Increase their revenues by accelerating their time to market


The client has continued to work with Optimus for the past six years. Throughout the partnership, the client has extended the scope of projects that they work with Optimus on to include custom development work supporting customer implementations, full stack development, mobile development, testing, BI reporting and UI/UX.