SaaS Application API and UI Testing Case Study

The Client

Software engineering company that delivers exceptional results and service to our partners in the printing, publishing and packaging industries.

The Challenge

The client wanted to create a regression suite for their web-based application for online proofing and approval of images and text before going for printing.

Key Challenges

– The partner needed to quickly ramp up on their product and domain.

– The client needed guidance on how to effectively manage their regression test suite in TestLink per release.

– The testing involved making changes in the configuration through XML files and validating it on UI and backend.

– Test cases were to be created for analyzing application behaviour using different parameter sets based on configurations as well as the UI validation.

The Process

  1. Understand the application and domain through exploration and documentation.
  2. Create test plan outlining different services, milestones and estimates.
  3. Create test cases in TestLink for different modules.
  4. Share queries and questions and incorporate feedback.

How Optimus Helped

In order to help our client meet their testing needs, OptimusQA’s team followed these steps:

  1. We quickly acquired the necessary domain knowledge and learned the application through exploration and documentation.
  2. Optimus shared a test plan clearly indicating the scope of the work and different milestones, schedules and estimates.
  3. We set up TestLink as the test management tool and categorized the test suites based on different modules associated with different functionalities.
  4. On the basis of the feedback and comments from the client, our team implemented those changes in the test cases within the estimated time frame.
  5. Our team frequently interacted with the development partner to coordinate testing activities and clarify queries.
  6. Our team created a complete regression suite consisting of around 800 test cases in the first phase.

In the end, client was happy to see the test coverage and analysis done by the Optimus team to structure and organize the testing activities in more efficient way.