Software company adopts dedicated team to increase velocity 

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The Client 

The client provides a software solution that enables intelligent communications for business disruptions. It allows any business process or application to trigger two-way communications (via text, voice, email, SMS, etc.), alerting the business when there is a problem, such as an IT incident, building evacuation or other high profile event.

The Business Need

The client was looking to increase the velocity of their business, and to do this, they had to address the following areas:

  • Time to market: Bring product updates and releases to market faster
  • Improve quality: Create a testing team that could significantly reduce defect density
  • Process change: Move from quarterly release cycles to weekly release cycles
  • Cost efficiency: Meet these needs in a cost efficient way

Because their product is used for communication during an IT emergency, their product quality has to be A+ to make sure that it works when needed.

The Optimus Solution

Optimus established a dedicated team of test professionals and a Test Lead that would work solely on the client’s projects. Using Optimus’ proven methodology, they started with the knowledge transfer phase. This included the client spending time with the Optimus onshore and offshore teams.

Optimus started working on simpler applications and gradually moved to core product features as their understanding of the client’s processes advanced.

The dedicated team worked as true extension of client’s team with integrated processes, tools and reporting. For responsiveness and ease of communication, a local dedicated Account Manager was assigned and available for face-to-face meetings when needed.

The Challenges

The product had very rich functionality and complex workflows, so typical ramp-up time for a resource was 90 days. Optimus created a detailed onboarding process including validation of capability before a resource was put on a project. Resources were also periodically rotated through dedicated team to make sure a surplus of resources were trained and could ramp up as needed.

The client has a sophisticated Agile process and a well established DevOps environment making team integration complex. The Optimus team had to be a true extension in that environment for workflows to run seamlessly. The Optimus team spent time with the client’s leads to ensure the teams were super aligned in terms of knowledge and process. Frequent interactions and measurement of results led to success.

The Result

  • Overall, the product quality improved exponentially in terms of reduced defect leaks
  • Clear measurement of P1, P2 and P3 defects helped the client’s management team decide whether a release was ready or not
  • Having an extended team allowed the client to reduce their time to market with increased flexibility
  • By working with global team, their cost structure become more efficient and flexible


The Optimus dedicated team gave the client the flexible manpower needed to move from monthly to weekly release cycles, which in-turn allowed them to reduce their time to market with product updates.

The client visits the dedicated team in India office on a bi-annual basis to further establish Optimus as a seamless extension their team.

Optimus has continued to work with the client for over five years. In that time, the volume of work sent to Optimus as increased substantially and the dedicated team has grown due to match the increased project work.