Software Quality Audit for a Web-based Application Case Study

The Client

Our client is the school district responsible for 17 schools (~7,000 students) in British Columbia.

The Challenge

Our client had another vendor develop a web based application for their international program’s online application. They wanted an external party to audit the code and the functionality of the application before it was deployed to production.

The Process

  1. Requirements & documentation review.
  2. Code review.
  3. Quality assurance review.
  4. Non-functional requirements review.
  5. Results & recommendations.

How Optimus Helped

The client provided us with the feature requirements documentation, code, and access to their web application. Our team analyzed the requirements to identify the gaps in the functional and non-functional components.

While performing the testing of the application, our team identified that the application covered all the planned features except the payment module. We also noted UI issues that would need to be resolved prior to production deployment.

The application responded well with the positive user scenarios but there were some defects identified when negative user scenarios were performed. Our team also audited other areas such as robustness, security, quality assurance, error handling and scalability.

The complete audit was categorized as follows:

  1. Requirements and analysis
  2. Documentation
  3. Architecture and design
  4. Code review
  5. Maintainability and readability
  6. Performance and resource management
  7. Reliability and availability
  8. Implementation quality
  9. Build process and deployment

We also used various metrics in each category, e.g. in “reliability and availability audit”, we used:

  • Maintainability index
  • Cyclomatic complexity
  • Depth of inheritance
  • Class coupling

Where applicable we recommended steps for areas of improvement. A few such examples were:

  • Compliance to good implementation practices
  • Relevant error messages at each screen
  • Code commenting practice

The client realized value in our audit and recommendations report. The deployment of the application was performed by the vendor after the suggested code changes and quality improvements were implemented.