Technical specialists in a tough hiring market

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The Client

The client is a Canadian software firm offering online food ordering services to the Canadian and US. It allows customers to order takeout, delivery and catering from a desktop or mobile device. The platform enables their clients to reach their customers anytime, anywhere, using any device to place orders online.

With over 4000 restaurants under their management, the product is one of the top

The Business Need

The client’s in-house development and testing team is small, and they were struggling to keep up with their release cycles. They didn’t have the internal testing resources to be confident in their releases and needed additional support.

The local hiring market is challenging because the demand for technical resources far exceeds the supply. The client’s projects utilized a wide range of technical skills, technologies and languages, and they didn’t have the time to hire specialists or contractors for each of these areas.

They needed:

  • Broad range of technical skills and specialists
  • Cost efficiency
  • Flawless defect detection

The Optimus Solution

Optimus started with testing projects and implemented their proven onboarding engagement process. This provided the insight and knowledge needed to put together a testing plan.

Eventually, Optimus moved on to development projects, such as an API web services layer. Daily overlaps were held to review the work being produced and to make sure it integrated correctly with the client’s system.

For some projects requiring specific technical expertise or skills sets, the client worked with Optimus’ Vancouver architects through a discovery and planning period. Optimus could then allocate the appropriate specialist from the offshore delivery centre.

Now the client primarily works with the offshore team directly, which expedites delivery. Daily huddles are held with the client and Optimus’ local and offshore teams for updates and any challenge resolutions.

The Challenges

As a small company, their budgets were strict, and overages were not an option. Optimus worked closely with them to ensure that, for each engagement, their primary objectives were completed with strict adherence to their budget.

The Result

  • Optimus provided the diverse skills and technology specialists the client needs, when they needed them
  • The client was able to supplement their team to keep their projects moving forwards while they found the right in-house team members
  • The client’s customers can now integrate more easily and effectively into the system, allowing the client to be more flexible with their solution and grow their client base
  • They achieved cost efficiency from not having to hire full time specialists


Working with Optimus allowed the client to continue to grow their platform and deliver releases regardless of limited in-house resources.

The client was able to move forward with projects that they did not have the internal expertise to handle and would have taken six months to one year to find adequate staff members for.