Test Cases and Ad-Hoc Testing of Peer-to-Peer Desktop Application Case Study

The Client

The client is in the financial industry. Further details are under NDA.

The Challenge

Our client was looking for ad hoc testing of their peer-to-peer desktop application to get a quick feedback on the application. The client was also interested in having a test case suite prepared in parallel with the ad-hoc and exploratory testing.

The application supported Windows, Unix and Mac.

The Process

  1. Learn about the application through documentation and exploration.
  2. Create high-level test scenarios.
  3. Perform ad-hoc and exploratory testing on multiple platforms.
  4. Share observations, queries and test case suite.

How Optimus Helped

In order to help our client meet their testing needs, OptimusQA’s team followed these steps:

  1. Our team learned how the application worked primarily through reading a white paper shared by the client.
  2. We expanded our knowledge of the application and domain through research on the Internet.
  3. We created high-level test scenarios and, after getting client approval, created low-level test cases from these scenarios.
  4. Our team installed the application on all the supported platforms and shared our initial observations and made additional queries.
  5. Our team tested the application using a different combinations of platforms and reported the defects observed.
  6. The project team focused on the security aspect of the application and found vulnerabilities within the application and shared them with the client.
  7. We then consolidated all of the observations and queries in a single document and shared with the client after end of the project.
  8. Optimus exported all the test cases from TestLink in PDF format and shared them with the client.

In the end, the client was happy that we caught some important defects and was happy with our observations which helped them streamline the product.