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The Client

The BC Liquor Distribution Branch (BC LDB) is the sole distributor of liquor in the province of BC. It manages and administrates all liquor licenses for wholesale, hospitality and retail customers. It operates 2 distributions centres that ships liquor to all its customers throughout BC, which includes restaurants, bars, retails stores and other hospitality businesses. It also is responsible for all the BC Liquor Stores in the province. With an annual budget of $2.4 billion, BC LDB is the 2nd largest revenue contributing service in the Government of BC.

The Business Need

The BC LDB was changing its business model to separate its retail and wholesale business units. To do so, an upgrade to the most current version of their core business system, Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS), was required to support the separation of these units. In addition, Oracle announced that clients using an older EBS software platform (11i) were to be actively updating to the latest version (R12) in order to continue receiving support.

The BC LDB wanted to leverage the opportunities presented by this upgrade to streamline business systems and processes, and lay the foundation to support future initiatives. Internal and external user experience could also be improved through new and enhanced functionality.

Previously, they had managed all testing in-house with their QA (ITL) department, but this initiative requires a tremendous testing coverage, quality and velocity. Their internal team needed to be augmented in order to accomplish these monumental objectives.

The Optimus Solution

We provided a systematic methodology to measure testing readiness and coverage requirements.

We provided the appropriate resources as needed, and carried out the execution per the Client’s requirements.

We also provided executive management consulting to the Client throughout the project till post-GoLive.

The Challenges

Early on, we realized that their integrated digital ecosystem was so complex that no one single person or department understood it all, and they weren’t able to sufficiently test all aspects of a new component. As such, the vast majority of this engagement was in management consulting and project management. Optimus provided a project manager to be on-site at the client’s headquarters for the duration of the project to oversee the project from start to finish.

There were many unique aspects of management and union rules to compile before any work could get started get done, and understanding how to navigate these was and challenging exercise. Having a dedicated full-time project manager on-site allowed the in-house teams to focus on their core expertise while the PM ensured that everything was compliant and adhered to union rules.

The Result

During the software testing (SIT, UAT, E2E), there were many different measurables in terms of TCs, burn rate, etc. We were involved in managing and reporting them. The Optimus team involved was able to make order out of chaos and push standardized processes forward. The client saw significant progress as a result. Optimus was been able to save the client time and ensure the highest level of quality, which was ultimately an enormous cost saver for the long term.


The client has reported a very positive experience working with the Optimus Team, and they are looking for other opportunities and projects to bring Optimus back.