Testing of Multi-Million Users Mobile and Facebook Application Case Study

The Client

Client developed an application that allows users to interact with friends in a unique, visual, and personalized way. Users can send greetings and share across various social platforms.

The Challenge

Our client wanted to test their application and install the build on a variety of iPhone and Android devices to test the expected flow.

Key Challenges

– Verification of gender based character feature selections.

– Inconsistency of webpage layouts.

– Validating checks on checkboxes and fields.

– Data exchange between various native applications and modules of the application.

– Integration with other web applications.

– Verification of notifications, creation and updating of scenes and characters.

The Process

  1. Defined scope and requirements.
  2. Logged defects on Redmine.
  3. Tested execution on multiple platforms.
  4. Installed the build on multiple platforms.
  5. Created detailed test cases and updated existing test cases based on change request and new functionalities.
  6. Shared test results with client.

How Optimus Helped

In order to help our client meet their testing needs, Optimus QA team followed these steps:

  1. Optimus team developed an understanding of the application while in exploration.
  2. Optimus team created test cases on Testlink against a checklist document provided by the client.
  3. Optimus team continuously updated the test cases as per the client’s feedback.
  4. Optimus team logged the defects of various platforms on Redmine.
  5.  Our team maintained efficient processes throughout the testing cycle.

Technologies / Tools / Methodologies  Used

Agile methodology, Testlink, Redmine

Client feedback

“Optimus gets a 5-star app rating for their work so far. Thanks!”