Using SharePoint as a Reporting Portal Case Study

The Client

The client runs a leading content management system that helps their customers monetize content across social platforms.

They needed a reporting tool for both themselves and their customers and the Microsoft Business Intelligence platform was a great fit.

The Challenge

Our client gathered data from multiple sources and needed to create a centralized reporting portal for both internal and external parties.

Their existing solution was built in-house over a few years by piecing together functionality and slowly adding more and more complexity. Although the existing system solved the client’s immediate needs,it did not facilitate the client’s growth.

Key Challenges

– Consolidation of data from multiple sources.

– Customize dashboards for different user groups.

– Host the reporting portal online and schedule reports to be delivered.

The Process

  1. Gather data and run reports in SSIS.
  2. Create custom dashboards in PerformancePoint.
  3. Publish dashboards to SharePoint.

How Optimus Helped

Optimus worked with the client’s team to understand the problem. By putting business analysts onsite and working closely with the key stakeholders, Optimus was able to gather requirements and map out a solution.

Since data was being gathered from multiple sources, Optimus designed an SSIS package that would consolidate the data from a combination of APIs and CSV exports. This data would then be cleaned and fed into a SQL database.

SSRS was then be used to create reports that can be scheduled and shared monthly with both internal and external parties. Each report was designed to meet specific business requirements.

Customized dashboards were designed in PerformancePoint for clients, employees and management. This dashboard gave users an interactive UI to drill down into their data.

Lastly, the entire portal was published to a customized SharePoint site that had multiple security groups. Each user group could easily access the data important to them.